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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher

Mrs. Nadine Wilkinson


Class 1 Teachers

Miss Atkin (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Miss Williams (Thursday and Friday)


Class 2 Teacher 

Miss Hannah Ramwell


Class 3 Teacher and Senior Teacher 

Mrs. Lorna Garfoot


Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Les Hunt

Miss Jacqui Bell

Miss Rose-Marie Beevers


Office Manager

Mrs. Stephanie Ferraby


Site Manager

Mr Stacey Hayes



Mrs. Shirley Bloom

Miss Kelly Burton


Cook Supervisor 

Mrs. Maxine Cook


Midday Supervisors

Mrs. Shirley Bloom

Miss Kelly Burton

Mrs. Jade Rowley


Breakfast Club
Mrs. Shirley Bloom


Sutton Club Assistant

Mrs. Maureen Fowler


Portland Place Pre-school (Separately Managed)

Mrs. Emma Driver - Supervisor

Mrs. Christie Roberts

Miss Donna Fennessy

Mrs. Dana Dexter

Miss Jessica Campbell