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Welcome to Class 1!


Happy Easter!


Enjoy your couple of weeks off and check back here Monday 20th April for your next block of learning. I hope the Easter bunny comes to visit you all and we'd love to still see your photos of the fun things you get up to over the holidays! smiley


We will update Class 1’s page at the beginning of every week with the weeks Key Learning. It will give you an overview of what your child needs to be learning in English, Maths and Phonics. The plan will also give additional ideas for Topic. Please remember that although these subjects are important our focus in Class 1 (especially for Foundation 2 children) is continuing to learn through play - please refer to the Home Learning Pack for quality play ideas. Please remember to send us photos of your home learning on the class email and we will share them on our class page.


Home Planning & Resources w.b. Monday 30th March 2020

Please note:

  • We do not expect you to print out any resources or worksheets for any of the subjects. The resources we provide are for the children to look at and all work can be completed in the exercise books that were sent home. Just make sure you write the lesson and date. For Maths work write the question number you are answering.
  • In the home plan we dedicate an hour to English and Maths but we do not expect children to be working/sat at a table for the whole hour. Typically in school, children would have a 5-10 minute teacher input (at home this could be reading the story or the White Rose presentation) and then a 5-15 minute activity. Once children have completed all of the set activities we advise children then learn through their play. You could set up activities linked to their learning to help consolidate what they have just done e.g. a lesson on sharing/halving you could set up a shop and ask them to share the apples equally. Furthermore, if an activity is taking longer than 15 minutes to complete, stop after the 15 minutes and finish either later in the day or during the next lesson. 


For the Science Powerpoint presentation please visit:


For Phonics activities to practise the sound of the day you can visit some of these websites for ideas/games:


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