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Plants and Mini Beasts

This term we are learning about Plants and Mini Beasts! We are very excited to get outdoors and explore our school environment for different plants and insects. 

Firstly, we will be learning all about plants and what they need to survive. We have planted our own plants and will be taking care of them ourselves. We hope they will grow into big, beautiful flowers! We have to make sure that our plants have water and sun everyday.
Next, we will be learning about mini beasts! We will be going outdoors and finding some in our school!

In our classroom this term we have a Mini beast Investigation Lab, we have been having lots of fun being scientists and finding out new things about mini beasts! We also have our Plant Investigation corner were we are investigating what will happen to plants in the dark!

Have a look at our learning environment for this term...
We have been using our Mini-beast Investigation Lab to find out more about mini-beasts. Here we can identify, observe and record lots of different mini-beasts! Need a mini-beast identifying call the Class 1 Scientists!