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People Who Help Us

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People Who Help Us


 We are focussing on a different people who help us every week through the term.


People in School


 First, we thought about the people who help us in school. We thought of our own questions to ask all the different people in school to find out about their jobs and how they help us. Have a look at our photographs of us on our learning walk around the school! 



 Next, we learnt about Police Officers and how they help us. We had a very special visit from Mrs Porter and she came to speak to us about how she helps people as a Police Officer and what she has to do. She even brought her police van for us to have a look inside!

Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses


 Then we learnt all about the people who help us in Hospitals. We had a visit from Mrs. Sanderson who is a paramedic, she brought in all her equipment and we had lots of fun looking at what it does! We all had a go at being paramedics and using some of the equipment that Mrs Sanderson brought in. 

Fire Fighters


Our next visit was from the local Fire Fighters! We really enjoyed listening to the team tell us about how they help us and showing us their special uniform for when they do have to go near a fire. Our favourite part of the visit was going to see their Fire Engine! We looked at all the special equipment stored on the vehicle and we all got to sit inside the Fire Engine. We were even allowed to have a go at spraying the hose! 



We had a special visit from Janet and Geoff Cutts who came to speak to us about the RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution - and how they help people. We got to try on the life guards uniforms and talked about how we can stay safe near the water. 


to all our visitors over the last term! 

How we are learning...