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Idle Valley Mini Beast Trip!

We had such fun visiting Idle Valley! We learnt so much more about mini beasts and plants, and had a lot of fun showing off what we already knew!
First, we went on a mini beast hunt! This was a lot of fun and we found some incredible creatures. We found lots of worms and different beetles, but a couple of the best finds were a grasshopper, a caterpillar and a chrysalis! We looked at their bodies and counted their legs, did you know a woodlouse has 14 legs?!
Next we went on a plant hunt. We found out about nettles and how some will not sting you! We looked at the different types of flowers and how some have five petals, some look like bells and others are called dragon snappers! 
Finally we practised our art skills. We made art work out of the natural resources and we also made our own mini beasts using clay!
We had a looooong walk back to school, but we enjoyed looking at our local environment and appreciating how beautiful it all was. We stopped and had a picnic next to the lake and enjoyed some chocolate biscuits. We were incredibly tired by the end of the walk, but we had a great day!


"Say Mini Beasts!"
Sitting by the lake enjoying a chocolate biscuit!
How many legs has your mini beast got?
Can you tell what this mini beast is?
Some of us made snails!
Discussing what we will make with our clay
Excited to use clay!
Next we used clay!
We used the skeleton leaves in our art work.
We found some skeleton leaves!
This one is of a spider and his spider web!
Here is a millepede! How many legs has it got?
This art work is of trees, flowers, caterpillars
We work well as a team in Class 1!
In the camping circle!
What colour flower have you found?
How many petals has it got?
Then we looked at wild flowers!
The chrysalis we found!
We all had a look at what one another had found!
We found a chrysalis!!
Having a good look in the grass!
A very wiggly worm!
We had lots of questions about mini beasts!
Everybody wanted to have a good look!
Our first find, a willow bark beetle!
This team found a grasshopper!
A well deserved break after some walking!