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Monday 19 th July,

Good morning Y6 home learners! 
Well, this is not how we expected to be spending this week, is it?!

Dont worry; I have plans to make sure you can still have a good Leavers Week. It will involve some hard work and compromise from you all, but your DARE graduation WILL go ahead, by zoom, as will your Leavers Assembly, also by zoom. Party, hoodies…I will sort as much as is possible. X

I have arrangements to sort out with staff when I get to school this morning and then I will let you know how and when things will be happening.

In the meantime, I would like you to spend a bit of time this morning making sure you have your DARE report ready for tomorrrow. This is to explain what you learned during the programme and how you think it could help you in the future. I’ll be arranging a zoom for later to talk about ROAs.

If you would like to watch Carrie’s War, let me know, and I will sort that. If you have younger siblings, I will send the dvd home when they are dropped off. Please watch it during the day, then return it when they are picked up, and I can clean it and pass it on to the next person. Over the week, you will ALL have the chance to watch it if you wish.

Ill be in touch later with a timetable for the rest of the week.

Keep smiling and being great…you are a really special bunch of youngsters…we can do this!

Lots of love from Mrs Garfoot. Xxx

Morning Class 3, 

Miss Ramwell here. Just wanted to say hello and to say that we're really missing you at school. Hope you are all okay! Looking forward to you coming back. It is far too quiet! 

Take care. See you soon. 

Lots of love to you and your family xxx

Tuesday, 6 th July

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all feeling well?

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom this afternoon...1 o clock. I know some of you will have watched Frozen Planet, programme 1 and if so, I really hope you enjoyed it. 
Well, we’re all at home on Friday this week, so what I’d like you to do then, or before if you just can’t wait, is to watch the Frozen Planet programme entitled. The Final Frontier. This amazing programme shows how people survive in both polar regions and how early explorers battled the elements! It also gives you an insight on how important the Antarctic is to scientists today.

After watching, create a short factfile for each of the poles, showing the similarities and differences.

Look out for the Danish special forces who maintain their region for their country! Would you want that job?

Thats all for Friday, along with any finishing off jobs.

For those of you on transition next week, we will be watching Carrie’s War on the last week, so you won’t miss out...don’t worry.

see you this afternoon. Love, Mrs G x

Monday 5th July

hi everyone, just a quick note to say sorry...I got it wrong with is going to be graduation on the Tuesday of the last week, so hopefully everyone will be there! 
See you tomorrow for our Zoom...1 pm. X

Sunday 4 th July

hello everyone! I hope you’re all feeling okay and that if so, you can join us for our home learning this week.
If you have looked at the planning, you’ll see we have some odds and ends to finish off to conclude our work on Carrie’s War and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. It’s a zoom starter, and we’ll be discussing both endings. Little bit of written work too...not much.

There are not many zooms planned, and not much internet teaching either, but lots of investigation, and work which you should be able to get on with on your own. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to use your imagination! I hope you have fun!

Apart from zooming, I will be phoning each of you to check how you are doing and so we can have a little natter. I will be planning activities for your transition week, and writing your reports! I will also be planning work for the Autumn Term...more on that another day!

Keep smiling, all of you. Be good to your parents...this time is tricky for them too and many will be trying to work from home, which is why I’ve not put too much online...didn’t want you to be grabbing all the devices!

see you tomorrow on Zoom...0900... or as close to that as you can. Love from Mrs Garfoot. Xxx

Class 3 World War 2 Day

Still image for this video

Visit from Land Army Girl

We have lots of amazing torches that were made for homework.

Making circuits to help us understand more about electricity.

Our first DARE session

Saturday 3rd April

good morning everyone. This is just a quick message to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

Im sure you are all ready for a proper break. I really hope the weather is kind to us all so that we get plenty of opportunity to get out in the sunshine.

Our topics next term are Electricity and Light, Locational Studies and World War 2. Our class novel is Carrie’s War. The study of this text will culminate in watching the film of the book so that children can discuss how the book and film compare to each other. This will be at the end of the Summer Term.

I hope to see all the children return, safe and well, on Monday 19 th April.

kindest regards,

Mrs Garfoot.


Sunday 21 st March

Good evening everyone.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how proud I am of how hard the children have been working on their return to school and how well they have settled back into the new normal.

As the children are now all back in school, I am putting a skeleton timetable online which gives you information on what subjects will be taught each day. If your child should need to isolate and resume home learning, I will of course immediately furnish you personally with more details of what lessons to guide them to, and any paper copies of learning resources required.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Spag...guided reading....maths...history/geography/science/art.   Interventions (catch up sessions)


English Writing...guided reading...maths...kixx...RE


English Writing...guided reading...maths...Pshe...mindfulness(activities linked to mental health and well-being). Interventions.

handwriting and spellings, along with maths fluency will be carried out during registration times so please continue to ensure your child is in school by 8.45. This early learning time adds up to 1.25 hrs per week, a not insignificant amount of learning time. Class novel will be read for fifteen minutes at the end of the day, x4 per week.

i will not be setting formal homework until after the Easter holidays, but if you would hear your child read regularly and learn all multiplication tables, to 12x12 using TTRockstars, that would be appreciated.

I hope you all remain safe and well. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you feel is impacting on your child’s well being and I will do my best to help.

kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.




Blended Learning 15.3.21

Blended Learning 8.3.21

Friday 5 th March

morning all!

Well, parents and children, this is the last day of home learning. So, unless you are obliged to isolate, you will be returning to school on Monday! Yay! Parents, try to contain your excitement! Remember that school timings have reverted to near normal, so children should be in class by 8.45 and may be collected between 3.00 and 3.15. 

We will start Monday off with a Celebration Assembly in the classroom and you will find out the latest team point totals then. If you are isolating, I will arrange for you to join us by Zoom.

Please bring ALL work, in your home learning book, ALL CGP workbooks and comprehension books and any reading books, in a carrier bag do they can be decontaminated. You will be needing the books later in the week and the reading books can be returned to our shelves.

We will be conducting assessments in the mornings this week, to identify gaps and find out where you are in your learning. These are very important, so that we know exactly where to start you from. To compensate for the mornings a bit, we have planned some lovely topics w7ork for the afternoons which involves working in groups towards a presentation. There will be art and dot during the week, kixx, plenty of talk time and of course a WelcomeBack Tea Party on Monday afternoon.

I know some of you might have concerns about coming back to’s been a long time for some of you. If you have been Home Learning since the beginning of January, I will be giving your parents a quick ring again today, to check how you are feeling so I am prepared for you, and can perhaps dispel some worries over the phone.

So, talk to you later, see you on Monday and for isolating children, just a few more days to go. Hang in there!

much love, from Mrs Garfoot. X

Friday 26 th February

morning everybody! Hope you’re all doing okay and are starting to look forward to returning to school one week on Monday! Get those uniforms out and your shoes polished and tip out the mummified contents of your lunchbox which has been festering in your smelly pe bag since Christmas. I’ve had children...I know what goes on!

Everybody here is okay and looking forward to seeing you all VERY soon!

So, teampoints! Remember you get. Teampoint for every piece of work submitted so keep it coming!

DRUM ROLL!.........

Rufford.....133.     1063

Sherwood..76.       869

Clumber.....90.       839

So, well done Rufford! Come on Sherwood and Clumber,,, get cracking!


talk to you all from Mrs Garfoot and school learners of Class 3

Wednesday 24 th February

afternoon everyone. Hope you’re all well. I’m writing less on this page st the moment as I am having lots of email and zoom conversations with parents and pupils. I just wanted to welcome you all back for the second part of the Spring term.hopefully, from March 8 th things will progress to normality. Until then, please keep up with the great work you have been doing..whether that is as a learner, or an instructor!

For the next couple of weeks, learning packs will be prepared as usual. If you have not already done so please stick any completed work into your child’s home learning book, ready to return to school in March. If you can, have a hunt around the house for any school reading books which may be lurking in dark corners...we really do need them back as soon as your child has finished with them. The books may be dropped off in the box outside the main office at any convenient time.

Ooh....this really does feel like getting ready to return, doesn’t it?! Can’t wait!

An email will be gong out regarding World Book Day, next Thursday. It has its limitations this year, but I will be directing you to some interesting resources on next weeks planning.

Domething to look forward to, children, on your return, I am going to organise a tea party for the first day back, from 2 pm until hometime. Just a chance to relax, chill with friends whilst munching some goodies.

Have a really good week. Keep smiling and it won’t be long now. 

Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Hello from the school learners in class 3 today,

First of all, Team Points!

Rufford 84 = 930

Sherwood 62 =793

Clumber.  26 = 749

well done Rufford. Remember the more work you send in, the more team points we will all get!

From A , “Have a nice half-term. Looking forward to seeing you all again”

From H “Keep going with your work. We are working hard at work as well”.

From S “it’s fun in school but we are wanting you back. I hope it won’t be long”

From F “ Can’t wait to see you after covid. I am missing all of you”.


Buddy has learned a new trick. If you put a cracker on the top of his cage he will do monkey bars!

you can see him soon.

Stay safe and we can all be together again soon. Mrs Garfoot says when we are all together again we will have a great tea party!

Love from us all at school. Xxxx

Good morning, everybody! Well done to all you absolute superheroes who have been working SO hard this week! It has been great chatting to you all on your Zooms this week! 

One more week to go and then you have a week off! ENJOY!

I have planned an easier week for you next week, with English, and maths. Your Guided Reading is task based an will be on next weeks planning, so keep an eye on this page to find your challenge! Guided Reading zooms will continue next week in your usual slots, but will be slightly different in format. All will be revealed on the planning! Afternoons will be your art project.

Team Points for this week:

Rufford.....112   making a grand total of 846

Sherwood...78.  making a grand total of 731

Clumber.....68.   Making a grand total of 723

So, this week’s winning team is Rufford, who also top the leaderboard with 846

Well done


Don’t forget, there is a point awarded for ever completed piece of work submitted.

Last but not least, this week for submitting a MASSIVE amount of beautifully presented work, is GL!

Congratulations to you, G...your certificate will be in your learning pack on Monday!

Well, that’s about all from me, this week. Snow is forecast this weekend, so if it falls, enjoy it!!!!!!

Stay safe, and I’ll speak with you all next week. Love from Mrs Garfoot. Xxx



Blended Learning 1.2.21

Thursday 28th January

Well hello there everybody! Hope you’re all well and finding plenty to keep you busy! I hear some people are thinking of going into the yucky pizza making business, inspired by our English this week, and others are considering a career in bed changing! Well I’d employ a bed changer...after all these years of practise I still always seem to either get the duvet cover inside out, or worse...end up inside it!

still, we’re all good at something, which brings me nicely onto Stars of the Week!

This week, for tremendous effort in writing, the Red Pencil Award goes to IC for a brilliantly executed slice of pizza writing! Someone who would be able to work out how many slices of pizza you’d get for a tenner, is our Magic Compass winner, AA! It’s not really magic, but how it works always seems like magic to me. Keep it away from little ones, please, A, in case they put it in their mouths. EBu, you have shown amazing fortitude this week with the staggering amount of work you’ve submitted, so you also win a Magic Compass! Last but not least, the Oscar for best film producer goes to EL for a stunning portrayal of a Roman town, created from Minecraft! You ALSO win a Magic Compass, which, who knows, may one day take you to Hollywood!

Congratulations to @ll our Stars!

Team points this week are..........

Rufford.....141. Running total734

Sherwood.....111.   Running total.   653

Clumber.     69.    Running total.  655

So, the winner this week is Rufford, and they also top the termly leaderboard!

Come on Clumber......get that work submitted!

Well, I’m off home soon, so I’ll say goodnight and god bless to you all. You are all beautiful and amazing and extremely important and home learners, I am really missing you all. ZOOM SOON! Hey...I’m a poet!

Love from Mrs Garfoot x

Friday 22 nd Jan

hi there everybody,

just a quick thank you to all your fantastic children who have worked so very hard this week. I know some of you have had extra challenges this week, with extra-early starts, kiddies feeling poorly and dealing with working at home too!

Id like to apologise for one or two blunders with planning last week...hopefully I have done better this week! Gremlins.........! Thank you for bearing with me.

Have a lovely weekend...look forward to seeing the children on their zooms next week.

kind regards, Mrs Garfoot


Blended Learning 25.1.21

Good evening everybody!

This week’s Stars of the Week are as follows:

For a huge effort with story writing....PH

For amazingly accurate maths work..EBe

For the fortitude to withstand such early starts...HB

and for continuous good humour and supporting peers...AB


Team points:




Well done to Rufford, and we’ll done to you all, for another fantastic effort in your work this week, whether that is as a home or a school learner. I am so proud of you all!



All planning is now up to date.


Please note. Due to a technical issue, planning for geography, history will be added tomorrow.

Sunday 17.1.21

Morning all! Below, is your planning for next week.

I think you’ll enjoy your science this week! It’s about birds! Why not join up to the RSPB Great Birdwatch at the end of this month! You can find the details on line and it’s completely free! It might inspire you to attract birds to your outdoor space. If so, hanging bird feeders can be bought from Wilkos for as little as £1 and a packet of fat balls about £3. There are lots of ideas online for home-made bird feeders too, so why not make this a little project? I wonder how many types of bird you could attract?

You will all become cartographers this week! That’s map- makers! With the help of your adult, you will be making a map of your local area. Why not get creative and add lots of little colourful illustrations to your basic map...

Ive suggested for history that you might want to use a comic strip to tell the story of Boudicca, but you can use your own imagination! If you have the tech., why not make some models from the card from a cereal packet and create a stop start animation? You can add sound effects etc.

I hope you all enjoy your learning this week and I’m looking forward to seeing you on your Zooms. Email invitations will be sent out presently.

Be good, stay safe! Lots of love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Blended Learning 18.1.21

Harriet's Hare Comprehension

Friday 15 th Jan

morning everybody! Happy Snowday! I hope you’ve all been able to get out and enjoy the white stuff in between your learning! You absolutely have to enjoy it whilst it lasts!

On the subject of learning, let me say that I have been totally BLOWN AWAY by the amount and the quality of the work you have submitted! You are brilliant!

I know that some of you have had one or two problems and have told me about them in emails which gives me the opportunity to try to explain things to you. If you still don’t understand, make a note of the subject and date in the back of your home learning book and when we are back full time in school, we will look at these issues again, together.Our new Team Point system is now up and running. GL, you are in Rufford ( red) team. This weeks results:Rufford...98. Clumber...90. Sherwood...71. Well done, Rufford!

lClsas 3 Starsof the Week, for absolutely beautiful handwriting and outstanding effort, is AP! Superb maths, EBu, for amazing resilience, CSC. For a mind blowing Roman Town through minecraft video, HP!

i will ask Miss Bell to print off some certificates for you and will put these in your learning packs for next week.

Your resource sheets and if you have requested them, paper copies of maths worksheets, will be in the box st the entrance to school on Monday, by lunchtime, as we are not in school today to get them ready today. don’t forget to request books to read if you want some. Please hang on to guided reading books as you will need them for this weeks Zooms, but if you would like to return or request scheme (book banded) books, in a named bag, we will gladly change or supply them.

Have a lovely weekend. Love from Mrs Garfoot xxx



Ps to my last message.

obviously, children attending school will also get team points for completed work! X

Hi everybody. Just a quick message to say a big well done to all of you who worked so hard and emailed in your work this week.

we are starting a new team point chart next week. Mrs Hunt has been busily adding new children to the teams to even up the numbers. From next week, class three children, you will get a team point for each piece of completed work submitted to school, whether it is electronically sent or in paper form, delivered to school.

so here’s a fresh start!

have a great weekend, doing whatever you can whilst staying at home and safe, and being really good for your parents.

talk to you soon, love from Mrs Garfoot. Xxx


Good evening everyone. Thank you to those of you who submitted your work this afternoon. I have been able to mark it along with school learners. 

You all did very well today especially as you are not as familiar with the Oak Academy style of maths. We are back to White Rose tomorrow so that will be much more familiar.

I have tweaked the planning too, to make it simpler, and have tested the hyperlinks which now seem to be working.

Good work in maths then, and some super geography work too! I’m pleased to see so many of you have collected your learning packs, so you will be able to access the Helen Keller work tomorrow.

If anyone needs feedback because they have misunderstood something, I will phone you to chat about it, so no news means well done!

I must add that the standard of presentation has been excellent so far! Keep up the good work.

I’ll say goodnight now, so be good, take care and I’ll write again tomorrow. Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Revised Blended Learning 6.1.21

Tuesday, continued.

Please submit your child’s work electronically at the end of each school day by uploading it to the class website, so that work can be remotely marked and feedback given. This will also alert me to any difficulties which your child might be having, which I can then address.

These are difficult times for us all and I do realise the many challenges of home learning. Keep me informed of any problems and I will do what I can to relieve them. ( I don’t have spare loo rolls)!

I may not respond immediately to emails during the school day as I will be teaching, but will address any queries ASAP during the day. I will endeavour to sort out any problems by email or phone call, by five o’clock each day but unless it is an emergency, contact after this time may have to wait until the following day.

I will continue to put information on this page, so please check in regularly.

Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Tuesday 5 th January

Good morning all. I hope you are all keeping well. Welcome to your online learning.

I will be preparing support packs for thechildren today to support their remote learning. These packs will include a book in which to record work, maths paper, multiplication squares for those who need them and a pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener. Please ensure your child works in pencil, biro or rollerball.

Your child will need to use a dictionary at times, so if you do not have one, pease let me know and we can lend one for the duration of lockdown.

I will address reading materials ASAP but as you will appreciate, this will be a tricky area because of issuing, receiving and quarantining books. There are reading activities planned for this week in the class planning this week, some of which will be in the packs. Please bear with me as I try to refine the remote teaching.

The children are familiar with using the Oak National Academy for most subjects. They will need to keep stopping the tuition videos to complete activities, some verbally, some written. It is fine to replay parts if they need to.

White Rose Maths is the platform they are most familiar with for maths. There were some difficulties with uploading WRM at the time of planning so I submitted similar work using ONA. This, I feel, is a less clear platform for maths but please let them try today’s lessons and I will do my best to address the issues ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

The planning for this weeks lessons is here on the class3 page but unfortunately, the hyperlinks do not seem to be working. To access the lessons, please copy and paste the blue web addresses into your search bar. 


Monday 28 th December.

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, albeit a different one, and are looking forward to New Year.

As things stand, we will be returning to school as planned on Monday 4th January, with arrangements as they were before the Christmas holidays.

Our topics for the next half term will be Romans in Britain, Mapping (geography) and Humans and Other Animals,(Science), so plenty to look forward to.

Planning for the first week back will be put onto class pages on the first morning back at school, so if your child is self isolating, ( but not I’ll, themselves), they can access appropriate work at home. The expectation from the authority is that the children work for three hours each day following the planning set. If you experience any difficulty accessing learning due to ict problems, please alert school so that we may offer a solution or an alternative way to access learning.

Completed work should be emailed to school at the end of the day, to be marked alongside the rest of the class, and feedback given.

I look forward to seeing all of the children in January, so until then, enjoy the remainder of the holiday. 

Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Blended Learning week commencing 7.12.20

Jingle Bells

Still image for this video

Blended Learning 23.11.20

Blended Learning 16.11.20

Blended Learning 09/11/2020

Welcome to our new classmate, Buddy!

Sunday, 1 st November.

hi there everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good break and are ready for more exciting learning this half term! Ancient class narrative.....exciting stuff...Greek myths!..with monsters, heroes and villains!

our new little friend will be in school from tomorrow, so come in quietly...we don’t want to scare her. ( I think she looks like a girl).

The weather has turned chilly, so please remember to wrap up warmly...get out those thermal vests or pop a tee shirt on under your school shirt to help stay cosy. Make sure you bring a warm coat too as we will be taking advantage of any dry weather to get out in the autumn will still be chilly!

I look forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to during half term. See you tomorrow! Xxx

love from Mrs Garfoot.

Meet our new classmate! Get thinking of names, although we’re not sure if it’s a boy or a girl.

Wednesday 14 th Oct.

good evening everybody. For anyone trying to access the blended learning for this week, we seem to be having some problems with the hyperlinks. Apologies for this. 

The maths sheets however, are on the page, and You should be able to access the other activities by typing the websites into your search bar.

please contact me if you continue to experience difficulties and I will endeavour to get hard copies directly to you. 

Last day tomorrow! Have a great half term fortnight everyone. Try to stick to the rules, stay safe and come back to us safely, two weeks on Monday. 

Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot. X

Blended Learning Week beginning 12.10.20

Class 3 Stars

Making Ancient Egyptian artefacts

Class 3 have been learning about levers, pulleys and cogs.

Still image for this video

Class 3 have been learning about levers, pulleys and cogs.

Still image for this video

Class 3 have been learning about levers, pulleys and cogs.

Blended Learning Week beginning 5.10.20

Blended Learning Week Beginning 28.9.20

We were measuring in Newtons during our science lesson.

Hi everyone. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. 

This is just a reminder to class 3 children to try to bring in a plastic bottle. This will be put into quarantine until safe to use, then we will be making them into canonic jars! (Ask your child!)

please remember that those children who brought reading books back last Thursday will be bringing home new books tomorrow. Book return day continues to be Thursday.

In the event of your child being absent from school but well enough to work, for example, whilst waiting for a test result, please access the home learning through the links on class pages. Completed work should be emailed to the class page for marking and feedback. Please feel free to contact me through the class email if your child is experiencing any problems related to home learning, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This may be after school hours, as I have a full time teaching commitment and most of breaktimes is being spent cleaning the tables and ensuring all resources used are sanitised and as clean as possible.

Take care of yourselves. Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Our Star of the Week

We started our ukulele lessons today.

Saturday 19 th September.

morning all. I just wanted to let you all know how proud I am of the way all of the children have adapted to the new ways of working in school. They have all settled down well and are already producing some good work to demonstrate their learning.

There are still things I have to get on top of. I have yet to sort out a safe way to move reading books and records to and from school with the supply of resources we have and the required quarantining of returned items. I am working on this and hope to have a system in place this week. Similarly, I want to set up a covid safe homework system and as such, have not sent homework this week. However, please use Ed Shed to continue to practise spellings and use TT Rockstars for times tables in the meantime.

From Tuesday, if children are absent from school through isolation or other reasons, and are well enough to work, all  lessons, via Oak National Academy, will be posted on the website for children to access. More details of this will follow, on Monday, or on Tuesday morning.

Thank you for your continuing support. I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Class 3 Stars

Year 4 Bikeability

Our new pets! Thank you for our gift.


Tuesday, 25 th August.

Good morning everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed the Summer Break and are now looking forward to returning to school next week. I can’t wait to see you all!

Some of you were back in school before the holidays and coped very well with the new arrangements. I’m sure you will have chatted with other pupils who will be joining Class 3 and have been able to reassure them that things will be safe. The main differences you will experience are:

*coming straight into class each morning, as you do on wet mornings

*washing hands and using sanitiser regularly, as before lockdown

*everyone facing the same direction, in class

*collective worship will take place in our individual classes instead of in the hall, as a school.

There will be other small changes which we will chat about in class, but there really is, nothing to worry about. 


I will be in school all day next Tuesday, so if you have any concerns you want to talk to me about, you can phone me at school, preferably between one and five o’clock.

Enjoy the last few days of your holiday, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all next week so we can get started on our learning.

love from Mrs Garfoot x