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Blended Learning 23.11.20

Blended Learning 16.11.20

Blended Learning 09/11/2020

Welcome to our new classmate, Buddy!

Sunday, 1 st November.

hi there everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good break and are ready for more exciting learning this half term! Ancient class narrative.....exciting stuff...Greek myths!..with monsters, heroes and villains!

our new little friend will be in school from tomorrow, so come in quietly...we don’t want to scare her. ( I think she looks like a girl).

The weather has turned chilly, so please remember to wrap up warmly...get out those thermal vests or pop a tee shirt on under your school shirt to help stay cosy. Make sure you bring a warm coat too as we will be taking advantage of any dry weather to get out in the autumn will still be chilly!

I look forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to during half term. See you tomorrow! Xxx

love from Mrs Garfoot.

Meet our new classmate! Get thinking of names, although we’re not sure if it’s a boy or a girl.

Wednesday 14 th Oct.

good evening everybody. For anyone trying to access the blended learning for this week, we seem to be having some problems with the hyperlinks. Apologies for this. 

The maths sheets however, are on the page, and You should be able to access the other activities by typing the websites into your search bar.

please contact me if you continue to experience difficulties and I will endeavour to get hard copies directly to you. 

Last day tomorrow! Have a great half term fortnight everyone. Try to stick to the rules, stay safe and come back to us safely, two weeks on Monday. 

Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot. X

Blended Learning Week beginning 12.10.20

Class 3 Stars

Making Ancient Egyptian artefacts

Class 3 have been learning about levers, pulleys and cogs.

Still image for this video

Class 3 have been learning about levers, pulleys and cogs.

Still image for this video

Class 3 have been learning about levers, pulleys and cogs.

Blended Learning Week beginning 5.10.20

Blended Learning Week Beginning 28.9.20

We were measuring in Newtons during our science lesson.

Hi everyone. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. 

This is just a reminder to class 3 children to try to bring in a plastic bottle. This will be put into quarantine until safe to use, then we will be making them into canonic jars! (Ask your child!)

please remember that those children who brought reading books back last Thursday will be bringing home new books tomorrow. Book return day continues to be Thursday.

In the event of your child being absent from school but well enough to work, for example, whilst waiting for a test result, please access the home learning through the links on class pages. Completed work should be emailed to the class page for marking and feedback. Please feel free to contact me through the class email if your child is experiencing any problems related to home learning, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This may be after school hours, as I have a full time teaching commitment and most of breaktimes is being spent cleaning the tables and ensuring all resources used are sanitised and as clean as possible.

Take care of yourselves. Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Our Star of the Week

We started our ukulele lessons today.

Saturday 19 th September.

morning all. I just wanted to let you all know how proud I am of the way all of the children have adapted to the new ways of working in school. They have all settled down well and are already producing some good work to demonstrate their learning.

There are still things I have to get on top of. I have yet to sort out a safe way to move reading books and records to and from school with the supply of resources we have and the required quarantining of returned items. I am working on this and hope to have a system in place this week. Similarly, I want to set up a covid safe homework system and as such, have not sent homework this week. However, please use Ed Shed to continue to practise spellings and use TT Rockstars for times tables in the meantime.

From Tuesday, if children are absent from school through isolation or other reasons, and are well enough to work, all  lessons, via Oak National Academy, will be posted on the website for children to access. More details of this will follow, on Monday, or on Tuesday morning.

Thank you for your continuing support. I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Class 3 Stars

Year 4 Bikeability

Our new pets! Thank you for our gift.


Tuesday, 25 th August.

Good morning everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed the Summer Break and are now looking forward to returning to school next week. I can’t wait to see you all!

Some of you were back in school before the holidays and coped very well with the new arrangements. I’m sure you will have chatted with other pupils who will be joining Class 3 and have been able to reassure them that things will be safe. The main differences you will experience are:

*coming straight into class each morning, as you do on wet mornings

*washing hands and using sanitiser regularly, as before lockdown

*everyone facing the same direction, in class

*collective worship will take place in our individual classes instead of in the hall, as a school.

There will be other small changes which we will chat about in class, but there really is, nothing to worry about. 


I will be in school all day next Tuesday, so if you have any concerns you want to talk to me about, you can phone me at school, preferably between one and five o’clock.

Enjoy the last few days of your holiday, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all next week so we can get started on our learning.

love from Mrs Garfoot x