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Foundation 2!

Hello Everyone! smiley


We are excited to welcome everybody back for the second half of our Autumn term. This is one of the most exciting terms where we have lots of exciting celebrations! We have some very exciting learning opportunities lined up so keep an eye out on this class page for photos and regular updates!


There are some things that we ask you do as often as possible:

  • Read everyday - whether this is your school book or one from home. Reading is so important!
  • Write your full name.
  • Sing the alphabet song and (if possible) look at and say the sounds.
  • If possible get some fresh air and have a run around the garden. If you can't go outside do some star jumps in your living room!
  • Be kind to your adults, brothers, sisters or whoever else you are with. Make sure you say at least one nice thing a day!
  • Play, play, play!


Early Years education is all about play! Join in with your child and be a good role-model by following their interests and playing with them. 


You can keep in touch with us with any questions, comments and/or photos  on our class email: 


Our recommended reads this week...

🎄 The Christmas Pine by Julia Donaldson