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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!

Our school governors are actively involved in the life and work of the school.  They support the activities which are going on at Sutton as well as providing challenge to enable the school to move forward; recognising achievements and evaluating progress.


The governors meet termly for the Full Governing Body meeting and in addition to these meetings, there are sub-committee meetings held at least termly.

There are two committees; Strategic Development and Pupils (SDP) and Finance, General Purposes and Personnel (FGPP).


Details on election of the school governors;
Foundation Governors are elected by the Diocese

Staff Governors are elected by teaching and non-teaching staff

Local Authority Governors are elected by

Associate Governors are agreed by the Full Governing Body


The decision to appoint any new governor is ratified at a Full Governing Body meeting prior to their appointment.  

Chair of Governors - Mr Nick Prout

Link responsibilities: Maths, Head Teacher Appraisal, PE,  Pupil Premium

Term of office: 10/03/18 - 09/03/22

No pecuniary interests 


Local Authority Governor - Mr Keith Circuit

Link responsibilities: Vice Chair of Governors, Complaints, Health and Safety

Term of office: 24/02/20 - 23/02/24

Pecuniary interest: Mr Circuit is the partner of Mrs. Goodman the school cook


Head Teacher - Mrs. Nadine Wilkinson

Term of office: 01/09/12 - 


No pecuniary interests 


Staff Governor - Mrs. Lorna Garfoot

Term of office: 25/02/18 - 24/02/22


No pecuniary interests 

Parent Governor -  Miss Lindsay Bland

Link responsibilities: 

Term of office: 5/3/20 - 5/3/24


Pecuniary interest: Miss Bland is the Chair on the Portland Place Pre-school Committee 


Parent Governor  - Miss Elizabeth Knowles

Link responsibilities:

Term of office: 30/1/20 - 29/1/24


Foundation Governor - Mrs. Rachel Hyland
Link responsibilities: SEND & Looked After Children (LAC) and Class 1
Term of office: 21/03/18 - 20/3/22


No pecuniary interests 


Foundation Governor - Mrs. Cilla Perkins 

Link responsibilities: Head Teacher Appraisal, GDPR 

Term of office: 10/10/18 - 10/10/22


No pecuniary interests 


Foundation Governor, Ex Officio - VACANCY

Link responsibilities:

Term of office: 

Pecuniary Interest: 


Foundation Governor - Mrs. Charlotte Lee

Link responsibilities: Safeguarding, Head Teacher Appraisal 

Term of office: 21/11/19 - 21/11/23

​​​​​​​No pecuniary interests 


Foundation Governor - Mr. Mark Greenwood

Link responsibilities:

Term of office: 12/11/20 - 11/11/24


Foundation Governor - Mrs. Christine Ruck

Link responsibilities: 

Term of office: 12/11/2 - 11/11/24