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Year 6 tea party (with a virtual appearance from Miss Atkin) and film night.

Alice in Wonderland

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Well done to our dancers who created this dance and rehearsed so hard before their performance.

Friday. 17th July

Well, what a week! Children in school have been busily working away, but we have started to wind down a bit now for the summer and I hope you are, too. 

The year 6 had their Leavers assembly on Wednesday. We send love to an absent y6 friend...we were thinking about you and wish you well got the future. Please try to keep in touch. X

The assembly was GREAT! Some fine presenting, sporting and acting skills...thoughtful memories, and a sensational BLINDFOLDED bake-off! Well done to you all. You have been an amazing year group and all the staff and pupils will miss all of you. 

For Home Learners, there is a ZOOM meeting next week, I think 10 o’clock on Tuesday, but check that on parents texts please. Try to take part if you can, especially if you missed our las Zoom. It will give you the chance to catch up with friends, see friendly faces and ask questions about September if there is anything worrying you.

Miss Bell and I are now getting boards ready, trays labelled and stocked and resources prepared for a great start to the next school year, which we hope will be a lot more settled!

Dont forget to have a search and return reading books please as we are still very short.

Have a lovely weekend...five more sleeps till we break up! Talk to your u all on Tuesday, love from Mrs Garfoot. Xxx


Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

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Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

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Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

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Monday, 13thJuly

Morning to remaining home learners. It was lovely to chat with those of you who joined the zoom meeting last week. Good to hear your news and what you’ve been up to.

Its nearly break up time....YAY...children at school are working busily away and you can keep going too, by using the bbc home learning site. As always, I can’t tell you everything that will be online as they only put it on on the day, but keep checking out the lessons. Today it is symmetry, fronted adverbial and sound, for science, for y4 learners, and for y5, we have converting metric measure, using nouns and Soectacular Space, in science. As always, there are lots of other great lessons to keep you busy.

School reports will be coming out later this week. They will be a bit different this year, and I have predicted where you WOULD have been, had we not had education interrupted.

I know there will be things you will have forgotten, and I don’t want anybody to get upset about that, because almost the whole country is in the same situation. I am already busily planning for return to school in September, and looking at where we can do bits of different subjects together. So, for example, we might do Science, but use maths skills to make graphs and tables for our results.

I am really 

Looking forward to our theme of Ancient is a great favourite of mine, and lots of you, too!

If we possibly can, we will try to set up another class zoom for later in the week so you can have a little gossip with your pals. Not long now till the holidays! Talk soon, love from Mrs

Wellbeing Weekly 12

Wellbeing Weekly 11

Year 6 Hoodie Presentation

Friday 3rd July

hi there, Thank you to all of you who have returned assessments. They will be important to help me group you in September, and see where you may need a bit of extra support. If you’ve not finished yet, please try to get them done and returned as soon as possible.

Next week, back to home learning with the BBC Bitesize! Follow the maths of the day, the look at Agents of the Wild, which is a year three text with activities. I think you’ll all enjoy it! I know this may be below where you normally work, but it’s a really fun text so give it a go! After all, I still love to read Room on the you’re never too old for a good story!

The year five geography this week is The Galápagos Islands. We have learned about this in class, and the activities look great fun so give them a try.

I know it’s hard to keep going, so I’m not going to set you any more than these tasks this week. However, if you want to do more, GREAT!

I can’t tell you how proud I @m of you for trying so hard to keep working at home. I know how hard it’s been and I can’t wait for September when things can start to get even more back to normal.

Two weeks left till we break up......and we will be breaking up. Apart from trying to keep reading, all I want you to do over the summe is relax, be childish, and come back to me safe and well.

Have a lovely weekend, lots of love,

Mrs Garfoot. Xxx

Thursday 2 nd July

Please note, that due to the wet weather, class boxes are, today, in the entrance lobby at school. If you are collecting or dropping off your child’s work or reading books, please ring the bell and when you have entry, place your items in any of the boxes. We will sort them out.

Thank you for your continuing support.

kind regards, Mrs Garfoot 

Sunday, 28 th June

This is an important reminder for children and parents of class 3.

The children’s work this week, whether in or out of school, full or part time, is to complete the assessments which have been made available. If you have not collected them yet, they will be outside the school entrance again, from Monday morning.

The assessments comprise maths end of block assessments for the current year, and a piece of independent writing. The writing is a story. Children may use the story starts to inspire them, or make up their own.

This assessment work should be returned to school in the drop off box, in a named carrier bag or other plastic bag, by Friday, (or as soon as possible the following week). The work must then be quarantined before I can begin marking it.

This procedure is vital, so that I can assess as exactly as possible, where each child is in their learning and start to make plans, including catch up plans, for the return, hopefully, .September.

As tempting as it may be, please ensure work is completed without help as this will skew the results. This is not a pass or fail situation, or intended to be any judgement over the amount of work which has been done over the past very difficult months. It is intended to be supportive to the future education of your child. If it helps your child, emotionally, to have you support them in any way, please make notes on that piece of work, so I know they needed guidance....this will help me in the assessment process.

This work is all I am asking of the children this week, but some may want more, so if this is the case, please have them look at the Benin work on BBC Bitesize home learning. Details of this are in previous messages.

I thank you again, for engaging with school over the lockdown period.

kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Wellbeing Weekly

Friday 26th June 2020

hi there everybody left at home! Hope you’re all okay.

For all home learners, your resources for next week are outside in the class box. If you have already collected your maths assessments, then your writing task is here now, along with a glossary which will help you to do the Benin work from BBC Bitesize next week.

Please remember, the writing and maths assessments are very important as they will help me to group you correctly and will let me work out who will need support or interventions to catch up weaker areas.

Please take care with the assessments and return them, named, to school, as soon as they are completed, so that I can begin marking and grouping.

Please continue to return any books...our shelves will be quite empty until we get them all back.

20 children, 5 books each means our class shelves are 100 books down!

Have a lovely weekend, talk to you all soon.

Love from Mrs Garfoot x



Wednesday 24 th June

Morning everyone. It’s getting really busy at the moment,as more of you return to school. If you are still at home, and home learning, keep checking these pages for support, and remember there are resources for you to collect outside the main entrance to school.

I hope you’re all getting on well with your narrative poems...children in school have written some great ones!

They are also busily working on their Stonehenge comprehensions and reports. I will be able to use their work to see what help they will need in September and that’s why it’s important for you to be doing your learning at home, so that when I collect in your home learning books, I can see where you will need a bit of support too.

Yiur maths assessment papers are outside school now if you wanted to collect them,  it remember that these form your maths lessons next week. You can return them to school as soon as they are finished, and I can set to work marking them.

Next week will be the last week I will ask you to put work into your Home Learning Books. You can then drop them off at school in a carrier bag, at the front door, so that I can begin marking your work.

From then on, I will be providing worksheets and asking you to continue using the BBC Bitesize home learning activities, recording your work on paper.

All this is complicated, I know, but it is necessary so that when we are all back in school in September, we can get off to a great start.

Im very proud of how many of you have continued to try to work so hard during lockdown. It has been a hard time, but things are getting easier and I can’t wait until we’re all together as a school again.

Keep being good, keep trying to be kind, especially to your parents for whom this has been a hard and worrying time. Give them lots of hugs...they deserve it.

Talk soon, lots of love, Mrs Garfoot. Xxx

The Well-Being Weekly

Monday 22 nd June

morning everybody. Hope you got off to a good start with your home learning today. Don’t forget, there are some resources waiting for you at the entrance to school, and if you would like more reading books, bring back your existing ones and I’ll sort you out a swap.


Parents, I thank you for all the hard work you have been doing with your children, helping them to keep going through lockdown. I look forward to looking through all their home learning books sometime soon.

Despite your and my best efforts, there will inevitably be gaps which we will need to address on return to school. In order that I can prepare for this, I am going to prepare a bank of msths asssesments For you to collect at the end of this week. These will be the end of unit assessments which the children would have completed had they been at school as normal. I would be grateful if you could return them by Monday of the following week, 6 th July. There will be a couple of sheets to do each day, but this will be instead of, NOT as well as, the BBC Bitesize.

Please be aware that I am using their last checkpoint levels to inform me as to the best fit of assessment for your child. It may be that they have assessments for a year group below their chronological age if this is where I think they are working.In this way, I can be sure that they are secure with that years learning objectives before they move on to the next.

It is extremely important that your child carries out these assessments UNAIDED. If youdo help your child in any way, please write on the sheet to say what help has been given.This is so that I can identify gaps in learning and provide extra support when back at school.

I will also be asking your child to do two or three pieces of independent writing to use for assessment. The support rule applies there too...please write a note on the work if you have helped with anything at all. These measures will ensure your child is in the most appropriate group on return to school.


Thank you for your ongoing support. Please feel free to ring me outside teaching times if you have any queries. I am usually in school by seven thirty and do not usually leave until after five thirty.

kind regards,  Mrs Garfoot


Thursday 18thJune

 hello all, here is your planning for week beginning 22.6.2020

Reading, Writing...BBC Bitesize,scroll down to results of 500 words story competition.

                 Read the winning entries, then be inspired to write your own 500 word story

English: BBC daily lessons

              Also watch y5 18.6.20 narrative poetry, then try writing your own narrative poem.

              Write a review of “Cool!”  Write a synopsis of “Cool!”

Maths: BBC daily lessons plus white Rose Maths sheets in packs...class box in school entrance.

Science: Rocks...resource sheets in packs. and/or bitesize science y5

History:Stonehenge....resource sheets in packs

Art/ a model of Stonehenge. Take photo and upload if possible.

Remember to return any books you have finished with so that they can be cleaned and loaned out to other children. Put them in a named carrier bag, and pop into the class box outside the school entrance. If it is very wet, please ring the bell...the box will be in the entrance Hall.

Have a good weekend everyone. See you soon. Love Mrs Garfoot. X

Thursday 18th June

Hello everybody, and I hope you’re all feeling okay on this rainy morning!

There are some books ready for you to collect, IA and EBu, and for those of you who would like, there are some Fathers Day Card packs waiting in the class box at the school front door.

It is the Summer Solstice next week....look it linked with this, I have prepared some work on Stonehenge. This will also be in the class box, so come and collect...look for the plastic sleeve with your name on.

Please continue returning books, so that we can continue replacing them. Again, use the class box for this purpose.

I will put it your planning for next week on this page over the next day or so, so try to keep busy, try to keep smiling and remember we will all be back to normal one day soon.

love from Mrs Garfoot xxx

Monday 15th June

Morning all, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

The book exchange system we instigated last week has been well received, so I plan to continue it this week. If you are collecting new books today, they will be at the front door from 0830. In the box, there are also pouches for class three children, to make fathers day cards. Please help yourself to a pack if you wish.

If your child has finished with books, you may return them at any point during the week; as before, in named carrier bags please, and I will put out new books for the children next Monday along with the next set of white Rose maths worksheets. Please put completed work into the home learning books and keep these at home for now.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks topic which is linked to road safety and focuses around the story of a boy who is involved in a road accident and is in a coma. THE STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING, and the theme is how something positive can sometimes come from a negative experience. Please feel free to share this book with your child, reading it together. It is available as a free online book, just google Cool by Michael Morpurgo, free online books.

Have a great week. I’ll try to catch up with home learners/ parents, over the week, but don’t forget, I’m in school from around seven thirty each morning if you need to speak with me.

Love from Mrs Garfoot x

Wellbeing Weekly 7

Thursday 11 th June

Hi there all, hope all is well. This is a bit earlier than usual, but I am putting on your planning for next weeks home learning.

Maths, BBC Bitesize, and/ or White Rose Home Learning, which is in the packs that your parent/S may have collected already.

Science, everybody, please, BBC Bitesize Science y6June10th, reversible and irreversible changes.

Writing, bbc again, y5 for all please, news reports, June9th.

Our topic this week is Road Safety. Linked to this is a class reader, Cool, by Michael Morpurgo, which is available as a free online book. Read the book, then

*use what you’ve learned about writing news reports to write a news report of the visit to hospital by a famous footballer.

*Design a poster, banning animals from hospital premises and stating why.

*Write a letter from Robbie dad persuading them that pets should NOT be banned from hospitals.

*Think why the road accident happened. Design an information leaflet explaining how to behave near roads.

*Draw three of the main characters and explain what feelings they might be experiencing at different points in the story.

*Discuss with an adult, whether or not, a positive outcome can ever come from a negative situation.

There is quite a lot of work here, but everyone should be able to do most of this with a little help from an adult, so please give it a good try. remember this is your work for the whole week.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody, and we’ll talk soon. 

Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

If you would like to change any reading books that you/your child has read, please drop them in a named bag outside the main entrance of school before 3.30pm tomorrow (11th June). 

We will then select some new books for you and put them in a named bag for collection from Monday (15th June) outside the main entrance. We will also have next week's White Rose Maths work printed off for collection too. We are currently trialing this to see if this will be a better way of working and accessing the maths work that has been set.

Hi there all!

I hope you are enjoying Esio Trot, and have begun your mini topic.

Here in school, the year six and key worker children in our class have been busily working on BBC Bitesize maths and English, some transition work, Esio Trot work, and more!

Today, among other things, they will be looking at some geography on BBC Bitesize. If you want to join in, y4/5 are working on y4, biomes, and y6, y6, The Alps!

I know many of you were looking forward to getting back to school in the next few weeks, and this is now uncertain. I’m so sorry plans keep being is very unsettling for you and your parents. If there is any way you think I can help, please get in touch and I’ll do my best.

I know some of you will have read the books you took home. If you are desperate for more, please ring me at school and Ill see what Incan do to help.

If you are y6 and are not back at school yet, I will get your transition pack to you over the next few days.

Everyone, Try your very best to keep up your resilience...remember, as testing as this time is, you are making history. So,think how you want people to read about YOU in the future! Do you want them to read that you skulked away, refusing to do work whilst your parents were trying their best to help you? Or do you want people to know that you worked hard to stay cheerful and tried your best to keep up with your education to protect your future?Let people see how creative you remained in occupying yourself...learning to be independent..learning a new dance, writing poetry or composing a song!

Dont worry that it’s not’s yours, you own it, do it IS perfect!

Remember I am in school all week from now on, so you can phone or email if you have things to show, ask, or just want a chat. I miss you all. Stay kind, stay safe. Love from  Mrs Garfoot. Xxx

Well-being Weekly Newsletter

Friday, 5th june

hi there, Here is your planning for next week.

BBC Bitesize

choose the English and Maths lesson of the day, as last week. Again, I can’t see them yet as they don’t go online until after the weekend.

Then, a topic for you for the week. Esio Trot by Roald Dahl.

Read along with the audio book, free, online.

Write a book review.

Miss Bell will be putting some resources online for you on Monday, to accompany the story.

The film is available free, on you tube, so watch the film! Would you describe Mr Hoppy as a hero? Explain. The theme of the book is love and kindness. Explain why.

The second part of your topic is to put together a fact file about tortoises, for a younger child. You will need to do some research and then decide how you will present your information. There are loads of websites you can explore but remember to surf safely and always use sites appropriate for children. If you see anything ever, online, which you think is wrong, tell an adult.

Try to get some aspects of science and maths into your booklet....geography, where in the world do tortoises originate?for art, why not find a turtle shaped stone and paint it!

Have lots of fun with this...children at school will be dong this work too, so when you return, we can maybe make a display of your work!

have a lovely week....I will be in school all week if you have any questions or problems. Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Friday 5 th June

morning all!

Here we are almost at the end of another week. You should all be proud of yourselves for staying so positive and occupying yourselves so well over these past weeks. It’s lovely to talk with you and your parents and hear what you’ve been up to.

Year sixes are invited back into school from next Monday. You should know that our room looks a bit different at the moment, in order to keep us all safer. You will all have a table to yourself, and a brand new stationary pack in your tray, for your use only. You may choose a new reading book, but it will stay at school, in your tray, and will be put in a designated place after you have finished it until it is safe to be replaced on the shelves. You will have a brand new book to write in, and a new maths book too! Please leave your home learning books at home for the time being...I promise I will go through them very soon.

im very much looking forward to seeing you again and am planning some interesting things to do in the afternoons. Mornings will be a bit of maths and English, as usual, along with transition activities.

Year 4 and 5, you will be continuing your home learning, as before, and I will put your work on this page over the weekend, for next week.

A message for SR, I’m sorry, but I was unable to open the message mum sent. Please keep it all safe, until I see you. I know how hard you have been working.

bye for now, everyone. Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Monday, 1 st June

morning everybody.

i will be in school today, if anyone needs to speak with me about anything at all. If it is about when we will be opening to more children, in years f2, y1 and y6, or indeed, other years, I currently have no further information this morning, but promise I will keep you informed.


if any children are reading you out of house and home, you can visit the Oxford Owl site and sign up as a parent, to access free ebooks. The range is limited, and there are a mix of ebooks to read or listen to.

dont forget, there are links to other free ebooks on the class pages.

talk soon, love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Saturday 30th May

hi there. I’m sorry I’ve not phoned many of you this week, but I’ve been extremely busy trying to make sure things are right for you all, when you return to school. I really hope you’ve enjoyed your half term break!

Well.....don’t things change?! School for key worker children again next week, then. I’m disappointed not to be seeing year sixes next week, but the day will come soon, im sure.

Until then, everybody try to get stuck into the BBC Bitesize if you can. Even if you just do an English and maths activity each day, it will start to get you in the mindset of returning to school.

Year six, I will be in school next week, probably on Monday and Wednesday, and Im going to prepare some transition work for you. It will either be in school for you when you eventually return, or I will deliver it to you.

I’ll try to phone some of you next week, just to catch up, but if you have anything you want to ask me, or just want to chat, drop me an email and I promise to get back to you.

enjoy the glorious sunshine, be kind, and Ill see you all soon. 

Love from Mrs Garfoot. X


Thursday, 28 th May

Hello, everybody. I hope you have been enjoying the glorious weather this week! I certainly have!

well, I’m expecting that some year six children, as well as some year one and f2 children, will be returning to school next Monday. If your parent/s are key workers, you may be attending school too!

So let’s talk about expectations for Class three.

Whether you are returning to school or not, I’m asking you all, please, to carry on with the Ed Shed spelling, TT Rockstars, and daily reading.

In addition, I would like you all to continue using the BBC Bitesize home learning. Here’s the tricky part...the bbc, at the time I am writing this, are still on their half term break, so I can’t  see the lessons. Consequently, I’m asking you to be really sensible, and plan your own learning on Monday morning. If you like, draw a grid and plan it out as I’ve been doing each week.

Please do a piece of English, and a maths lesson each day, then choose one other subject to do in the afternoon. (Science, history, etc).

Year six children who are returning to school will be working in a similar way, although I have some additional, exciting projects for them to embark on in preparation for transition to secondary.

If you are the child of a key worker, watch this space to find out more about your arrangements. I’ll do my best to get them on class pages tomorrow evening, or over the weekend.

Ill tell you more about your return to school over the weekend, but remember, the WHOLE class should be working from BBC Bitesize home learning, from Monday 1 st June.

Talk soon, stay safe. It won’t be long before we’re all back together again.  Love from Mrs Garfoot x

Wednesday, 20 th May

morning everybody. Hope you’re all keeping well and are enjoying the sunshine.

ive had some lovely photos emailed over the last few days, so great to see you working so hard! Team points have been allocated.

Congratulations to F for getting a much desired Blue Peter Badge! You lucky girl! I’ll look forward to seeing it in real life!

If you’re wondering where zive been this week, I’ve been in school, for children of let workers, and also getting the classroom ready for your return.

Next week, it is half term, so I won’t be putting planning on the class pages. You, your parents and I, all deserve a bit of time to chill out a little, away from computers. Kick back and try to have some fun in the sun...safely...! Some of you may be returning to school on June 1st, and for everyone else, planning will be on the class pages the weekend before. I, you have your planning already. Whether you are at home or at school, we will all be doing the same lessons. 

If you have not been doing your work at home, I understand. Some people have had technical issues and some just find it extremely difficult to concentrate away from school. You will not be in trouble when you return to school, so don’t worry. I would ask you now, though, to try to begin to do at least some of the work I will be planning from June as it really is time to prepare for YOUR return to school.

enjoy your half term everyone and don’t forget, you can still email and I can phone you for a chat.

live from, Mrs Garfoot. X

Well-being Newsletter 4

Friday, 15th May

hello everyone. All okay? Remember you can send me an email if not, and I will phone you for a chat.

You are all amazing! The work and photos I’m getting are amazing! Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Here is your planning for next week. Don’t forget, you can do your own personal projects if you prefer, as 

ong as you try to do your non know what they are. X

Find your lessons on BBC Bitesize home learning.



Maths English Other

Y4/5. Y4. 4.5.20

x2 digits by 1 digit

y5/6. Y6. 5.5.20. 

Compare and order fractions


Y4/5.  Y4. 4.5.20


y5/6 Y6 5.5.20


4.5.20. Y4/5

History y4

what was life like in the 

Stone Age?

11.5.20. Y5/6. Y6

History. Who was Tutankhamen?


Y4/5. Y4 5.5.20

x3 digits by 1 digit

y5/6. Y6. 6.5.20

Add, subtract fractions


Y4/5. Y4 5.5.20

fronted adverbials

y5/6. Y6. 6.5.20

Relative clauses

Y4/5. Y4. 5.5.20


Time Zones

y5/6. Y6. Geography

Trade and Economic Activity


Y4/5. Y4. 6.5.20

divide 2 digits by 1 digit

y5/6. Y6. 7.5.20

add, subtract mixed numbers

Y4/5. Y4. 6.5.20

coordinating conjunctions

y5/6. Y6. 7.5.20

Reading...Tell me no lies

Y4/5. Y46.5.20

what plants need

y5/6. Y6. 6.5.20 Science

How plants reproduce


Y4/5. Y4. 7.5.20

divide 4 digits by 1 digit

y5/6. Y6. 11.5.20

xfractions and mixed

numbers by integers

Y4/5. Y4. 7.5.20

Reading. Dindy...

Y5/6. Y6. 11.5.20 


Y4/5. Y4. 7.5.20


How do we get computers to do as we say?

Y5/6. Y6.  7.5.20



Y4/5. Y4. 23.4.20

negative numbers

y5/6. Y6. 12.5.20

x fractions by


Y4/5. Y4. 24.4.20

please Mrs Butler, comp.

5y5/6. Y6.5.20

writing speeches

Y4/5. Y 4.  24.4.20


Wellbeing The importance of teamwork

y5/6. Y6. 12.5.20



Wednesday 13 th May

hi there everybody. We are still having some white Rose problems and are trying hard to resolve them, so in the meantime, BBC Bitesize is an excellent alternative!

Well, E is really enjoying the Charanga! A great rendition of Fresh Prince of Bellaire! Thank you!

Dont forget, you can still browse the sites we put on the class pages at the start of lockdown.

It looks as though it’s getting a bit warmer at the weekend, so get out for your daily exercise, but please stay safe! Remember to keep your distance.

talk soon. Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Monday 11 th May

well done K and H for the work you submitted! You’ve really been busy.

everyone else, your team points are accumulating nicely...keep it up. I’m in school tomorrow so Ill talk with some of you tomorrow. Night night! Love, Mrs Garfoot. X

Well-Being Newsletter 3

Sunday 10th May

Morning everybody. Everybody okay? Here is your planning for the coming week. Part from the White Rose Home Learning, everything else can be found on BBC Bitesize Home Learning. Look for resources for y4, for y4/5 groups or y6 for y5/6 groups. Look for the dates I have given for each piece of work. We are working on last weeks lessons, as they are put on the website daily, so that means I can’t plan in advance for you.

As always, refer to the websites on class pages front page, for more great activities which you can use as well as, or instead of, those I’ve planned. Please do your non negotiables though, if you can. Bye for now, love, Mrs Garfoot. X




*ed shed

*tt Rockstars

Y4/5 groups 29/4 y4


for possession

y5/6 groups 29/4 y6


White Rose Maths


y4/5groups   29/4. Y4

States of Matter

y5/6 groups 29/4  y6

Mixing, dissolving



Tuesday As above

Y4/5. 1/5/20. Y4

Reading, The Worst Witch

y5/6. 1/5/20  y6


The London Eye Mystery

As above

Y4/5 30/4/20. Y4

RE: Rama and Sita

y5/6 30/4/20 Y6

RE: Ramadan

Wednesday As above

Y4/5 30/4/20 Y4

Inverted commas

y5/6  30/4/20. Y6

hyphens and dashes

As above

History, ALL

27/4/20 y4

Prehistoric Britain


Thursday As above

Y4/5 27/4/20 Y4


y5/6 4/5/20 y6

Analysing setting using


As above Well- being. ALL y4  24/4/20
Friday As above

All: Watch Paddington 2

on the Best of BBC iPlayer. Theny4/5; Design a poster to

advertise the film.


Write a review of the film


As above


y4/5  23/4/20. Y4

Start Singing

y5/6. 1/5/20. Y6

Duration, Tempo, Beethoven

    NB: If you want to do the poster AND the film review, that’s fine!   If you want to do both music activities, enjoy!


Thursday, 7 th May

just before you all switch off for the weekend, I want to thank you all for all the amazing emails and work you have been sending in! Well done K for mastering the art of tea making! I loved to see your happy face! There has been so much amazing work this week, too much to name everybody...I’m worried I might forget to mention someone, but I have been very busy adding team points to my list!

some folk are even ahead of themselves! Well done to you all. I know your parents will be proud of your efforts. Don’t forget to try to master those key skills, like lace tying, K!

look out for your next block of work on Monday, and you all have a fantastic weekend. 

Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Thursday 7 th May

Hi there everyone.Here we are, almost at the end of another week of lockdown and how lucky are we, that the sun has been mostly shining and we have able to get out in the garden or for walks, bike rides and so on.

tomorrow. Is a Bank Holiday and so, not really a school day, so if you want to start your weekend early and pack away your home learning till Monday, that’s fine.

i have been speaking to lots of you this week. Some people are happily plodding on, doing their work and filling in their time well. However, some of you are starting to struggle a bit and that’s what I want to talk about now.

However much we love our families, it’s not always easy being stuck at home with them all the time. It can make you feel grumpy, if you don’t have space to call your own, And then you might feel bad for being grumpy. Well don’t. Your parents understand how difficult it is at times and you must talk to them, sensibly, not nagging for things they can’t provide at the moment, and let them know how you feel. You can always write me an email telling me what you are struggling with and I promise I will ring you for a chat and see if we can make you feel a bit better.

it may be that you are fed up with doing school work at home...after all, Home is the place you like to chill out in! Try to talk to your parents about it and maybe negotiate a couple of days off.dont work weekends! That’s your wind down time....unless you wind down by working! And if you don’t like the look of the work I’ve planned, plan your own week, using the online resources. There are loads out there! Just try to get in a mix of subjects.

and remember, some children, who live in remote areas in countries such as Australia, home school all the time! Guess lockdown might feel a bit easier for them,eh?

little by little, things will get better, I promise. You are making history, and children will be reading about this pandemic for many years to come. Maybe you could make a time capsule to bury somewhere, and somebody will dig it up, far in the future and read your words!

im going now.ill put work on class pages ready to start on Monday, but remember my are important, and beautiful and wonderful and you must be kind to your family but also, to yourself.

Bye for now. Sending my love to each and every one of you.Mrs Garfoot. Xxx

Monday, May 5th

Apologies to all! I had mistakenly thought that the twinkl resources I based this weeks learning on, were free. I was wrong! If you could direct your children to some age appropriate information about Henry the eighth, and honeybees, they should be able to access most of the writing tasks I had set.

I have planned next weeks work around the resources on BBC Bitesize home learning, which is definitely free! I will post this on the Class Pages over the weekend, ready for next week.

Again, apologies! Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Well-being Newsletter 2

Monday 4 th May,

hi everybody,

just a quick message to say, WOW.....just WOW! You’ve sent in some great work! E, you’ll be on master chef one day, I’m sure! It all looks amazing! H, your ororary was spectacular! And your writing is so neat! 

Team points added! Well done!

Keep the work coming in if you can, or keep collecting it in your books, if you can’t. Don’t forget to keep up with your reading, spellings and times tables!

Bye for now, love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Friday 1 st May,

thank you everybody, who has sent your wonderful work and emails to me this week. I keep adding the team points! Well done to CA for getting stuck into your sisters geography work! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it!

I’m afraid I’ve had a few technical problems this week so have not been able to phone you all this week, but I will be in school next Tuesday and will get these issues sorted then. So, listen out for your phone ringing next week!

The weather is forecast to improve over the weekend, so try to enjoy it and have a great weekend. I am thinking of you all, all the time. If you have any worries over the weekend, please email me and I promise, I will find a way to phone you for a chat.

 Be good, stay safe, be kind.

much love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Thursday 30 th April

Here is your Home Learning Timetable for next week, beginning a May 4th.



Maths.                                                Other

TT Rock.

Ed Shed


Maths Week 3

White Rose Learning


Lesson 1

Google, Twinkl and search Henry V111 Ks2 Reading comprehension. *y4,*y5,*y6                                         

TT Rock

ED Shed


Lesson 2

Design an advert for a new wife for King Henry. Think what qualities he would be requiring and consider how he might persuade someone to apply, given his history!

Then write a letter from a lady, applying for the job. How would you persuade him that you are the person for the job?

TT Rock

Ed Shed


Lesson 3.                                                                                           Search Twinkl for Honeybees Reading Comprehension. Complete. Watch the PowerPoint, then label parts of a bee.

TT Rock

Ed Shed


Lesson 4 Use Google to find a recipe for Honey Biscuits. With an adult, make the biscuits, then write an evaluation on them.

TT Rock

Ed Shed


Lesson 5

Google, “Extract from Matilda, by Roald Dahl” and read it.From Twinkl, download the Miss Honey comprehension and complete.

Download and complete the character profile for Miss Honey.

finally, make a mind map of what you have learned this week about honey.


Thursday 30 th April

Hi everybody!

Well done, A, for persevering with, and mastering your maths! I’m very proud of you. H, you are a superstar, too! Team points have been added.

Now then everybody, I don’t think A would mind me saying that she was struggling a bit, as we all do, sometimes, so did the correct thing and emailed me to tell me. I was then able to phone her and go through it with her and now, she’s an expert! So, if you are having any trouble with anything, please follow this very good example and let me know, so that I can help.

Its been a bit chillier this week, so if you are feeling fed up, get out your school folder and do some learning. Remember that on the class pages there are some great links for you to explore, so get exploring! They include some of David Walliams audio books, for free, so even if you can’t be bothered to read, you can lie on your bed or sofa, snuggle up and enjoy a good story!

I will be putting next weeks learning on this page over the weekend, ready for you to get going on Monday, so keep checking!

Have a great weekend and remember, be good, be kind and stay positive! Xxx

Class 3 were going to have D.A.R.E sessions this term but with us not being at school, the D.A.R.E officer Eileen, is writing a newsletter to the class instead.  The newsletter has lots of ideas in it which you might like to try at home to help you stay safe and stay well.



27 th April

Good morning everyone! I hope. You are all well and looking forward to getting on with your home learning, today! It looks a bit cloudier this morning...maybe not so tempting to get outin the garden to play, so let’s get on with your learning!

Don’t forget, there are also your ten life skills to accomplish, TT Rockstars and Ed Shed Spellings, and your reading to do, too. 

Try to fit in some activity, not just your thumbs, you gamers, with Joe Wickes or the many other fitness leaders online!

Upload your learning if you are able to, save it for me if you can’t and email if you are having any difficulty or just want me to phone you for a chat. I’ll try to catch you all on the phone during the week. 

Stay safe, be kind, remember that every day that passes is a step towards normality. 

Much love from Mrs Garfoot. X


Your home learning for the week beginning 27th April.

I think it is clear what you have to do. 

Please don’t anyone get in a tizz about the Solar System. I said to make one, but if you can’t make a full size rotating, orbiting scale model, draw or paint the planets, but try to show which is the largest, smallest etc. Have fun! X

Date non- negotiable Maths.                                             Other.                                            


Ed Shed


White Rose Maths Home Learning

y2,4,5,6 week 2


bbc Bitesize home learning

y4 Please Mrs Butler, sequence of lessons

y5/6 To be a cat, sequence of lessons

28 As above As above As above
29 As above As above

Geography (all year groups)

bbc Bitesize, Settlements

30 As above As above

Science (all year groups) BBC Bitesize

The solar System


1 As above As above Art/DT, make a solar system


Friday, 24 th April

morning everybody! Hope you’re all keeping well. I know lots of you have had chicken pox...hope you’re all feeling a bit better now. X

A very Happy Birthday to E today! I hope you have a great day! Your cake looks amazing! I can see we’re going to have to organise a Bake Off on return to school, with all these amazing bakers! 

Well, we’re coming to the end of another week in lockdown. Well done to you all for managing to keep the work going and for keeping yourselves occupied. I will out next weeks blick of learning on this page over the weekend, ready for Monday.

keep going, stay safe, be kind, and I’ll talk to you all again soon. Much love, Mrs Garfoot. X


Hi everyone,


I hope you're all well and enjoyed eating lots of Easter eggs. smiley

I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to Mrs Garfoot and all her family after the birth of her beautiful new granddaughter last night. We can't wait to hear all about her when we return to school.


Take care


Miss Bell x

Tuesday 21 st April

hi there everybody,hope you’re all okay.

Poor I ! You are suffering aren’t you! Please don’t worry about school work until you feel better and I know Miss Ramwell, Miss Williams and Miss Atkin would say the same. I think mum has enough on her hands right now! Team points for completed work that you’ve done so far.

F, the practise papers I gave you, I think, were the CGP ones do it’s not possible to compare them with the actual Sat papers as the number of questions and their weighting will be slightly different. However, you DID do extremely well and I would expect that you have achieved what you are aiming for. Well done. Team points for you too!

If you are able to, try to do at least some of the work I set you for today as it will help to keep skills fresh.

Tomorrow, I will be phoning some of you up again, and I hope to have spoken to you all by Friday, so be sure to have any news or questions ready for me, please.

Have a lovely day and make the best of the sunshine. Love from Mrs Garfoot. X


Monday 20 th April,

Good morning everybody. I hope you are all well. 

First of all, thank you E for the lovely picture of your pineapple upside down cake! It looks delicious! I made one at school when I was a bit older than you, but mine didn’t end well!

next, well done H for checking out the website and getting ahead of the game! Yes, it’s great to challenge yourself with the maths! Good for you! I loved reading about your new martial art. Extremely neat!

team points for you both and for other work submitted over the last few days.

IMPORTANT! Check out the lessons on the bbc stating at 9 am today! Even if you just watch them out of interest! They look great! Scientist, Brian Cox is giving a science lesson and David Attenborough is leading another lesson!

keep smiling, try to stay motivated. Talk soon. Love from Mrs Garfoot.

ps I might have something gorgeous to show you soon! X

Friday 17 th April,

Dear Parents/Carers, just a little message to you all to keep in touch.

The decision to maintain lockdown for at least another three weeks will have affected us all in different ways. Although this action was rightly taken in the best interests of us all, that doesn’t make being confined at home, with young children any easier! My thoughts are truly with you all. 

I have posted next weeks learning timetable below. You will see that the expectations are much reduced compared to the initial timetable which was sent home with the children in March. This has been a conscious action on my part to support those who are finding home learning a challenge, perhaps because of illness, work pressures or who are generally finding the whole situation overwhelming.

If you are able to encourage your child to complete the work, that’s fine, but if not, please try to keep up with the reading and then spend some quality time playing board games, cards, watching a film together or anything which keeps the peace!

if your child takes comfort in, or wants more work, please explore the many home learning sites available in addition to those on the class pages.

As always, please feel free to email if you are experiencing any problems, or want to share any good news or other positives. I promise to respond. If you would like me to, I will happilyphone you for a chat. Try to enjoy the good weather whilst it lasts, and take care of yourselves. Best wishes, Mrs Garfoot.

Thursday 16th April.    Work for week beginning 20.4.20

Maths. Google White Rose Maths Home Learning. Select the appropriate year group, week 1 of yr1, yr2, yr4,5,6. Your child should know which group they are in. Y5 children who usually work with y6, do Y5 then try  y6 as extension if not enough challenge. There are lessons for each day and a challenge for Friday.

English. Twinkl home learning. Search text features of non chronological report. Use as a checklist to support writing.

WOW Science. Link on class pages, useful websites.Try ALEX which is a coding game, Bitz and Bobs parachute, which is an activity which can be written up. Devise your own investigation with this...will hour parachute safely land an egg? Or, click on Evolution and watch the video about man-eating plants. Write what you see. Choose one of these to do, or do them all if you like!

ART. Google “paint like Rousseau” then when inspired, get out in the garden with your stuff and PAINT LIKE ROUSSEAU,

Have fun! And post your work on the email address so I can see what you’ve been up to!

Date non-negotiable Maths.                 Other.               


spelling shed

tt rock stars.        20mins

White Rose Maths

lesson 1           30 mins.        

English-non chronological report.

Choose your favourite pastime and write a report for your peers. Include famous people who share your interest and use images to bring your report to life. Where, when do you do it? Awards? Medals? Ambitions?   30 - 40 mins



As above

As above.


Complete your report from yesterday.

30 - 40 mins

22.4.20 As above

As above


Look at the WOW SCIENCE website.Choose one of the investigation from the list above, to carry out. Write it up as you have been shown.

( headings, sub-headings, labelled diagrams etc)

30 - 40 mins

23.4.20 As above

As above


Research the work of Henri Rousseau. We have looked at his work before. If it is sunny, get out into the garden and let nature inspire you to make a drawing or painting in the style of Rousseau.

30 - 40 mins

24.4.20 As above

As above

lesson 5

Complete your Rousseau work. 

30 - 40 mins


Thursday 16th April,

Hello everyone, and a BIG a happy Birthday to IA who is 10 today! It was lovely chatting with you earlier and hearing about your lovely gifts and your plans for the day. Enjoy that chocolate birthday cake! YUM!

EB, thank you so much for sharing your song with me. What’s a beautiful must join the choir when we get back to school.

Speaking of school, it seems we won’t  be returning for some time yet, so please keep looking at the class pages for your lessons and keep up with your reading and TTRockstars. It might be difficult to stay motivated, but it will mean you are prepared to pick up your formal learning when we all eventually return to school.

I will be posting a new block of study onthe class pages over the next few days. If possible, try to stick to the timetable...the work I will set should take you no more than one and a half hours per day. If your circumstances make it too tricky to do this, then pick out the bits which appeal to you most and do those. I promise I will try to make the work as interesting as I can.

Try to have a lovely weekend, be kind to each other, and try to do something lovely for each person in your family, every day. Remember that each of you is important and amazing and I am proud of you all.

Love from Mrs Garfoot x


Tuesday 14th April

mornnig everyone. Hope you’re enjoying your Easter break and are looking forward to beginnnig a new block of online learning next Monday.

A big thank you to those of you who are working hard at home. I’ve chatted to lots of you about your work and look forward to seeing it when we return to school.

Well done, A for a beautifully written news report. I shudder to think that Idle Valley could be so dangerous! Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Enjoy the sunshine all of you, if you can, and remember, I am still here if you want to email me with any problems, worries or just to have a chat.

Ill be ringing you over the coming days, to find out what you’ve been up to. 

Happy birthday, IA, for Thursday. Have a lovely day and I will be thinking of you. Xxx

lots of love to you all, Mrs Garfoot. X

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please note, the children’s next block of learning will be posted in time for them to begin work on Monday 20 th April. Please feel free to continue to email throughout the holidays if you have any worries or indeed, anything to celebrate.

kindest regards, Mrs Garfoot.

Wednesday 8th April,

Hello everyone! 

First of all, thank you to everyone who keeps sending in their work. Team points awarded! Don’t forget though that work in books will also earn points on return to school.

i have been busy talking to some of you this week, just checking in to make sure you are well, your families are well and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your work. It was lovely to hear your voices as I am really missing you all. I have not yet managed to talk with everybody, as I must have phoned during your exercise time and there was no reply. If I’ve not spoken with you yet, I’ll try to get through over the next few days.

Even though these are your Easter holidays, please try to keep reading, going on Spelling Shed and using TT Rockstars as these are good fun and will keep your skills fresh.

Have a lovely Easter, remember the sunblock if the weather stays good, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Monday 6th April

morning everybody, hope you and all your family are staying well and staying at home. I went out shopping yesterday for the first time since school closed, and it was very strange to see the streets so deserted. Strange times.

Today should be the start of your Easter holidays. If you are feeling as though you want to keep working, remember that I planned fourteen days of learning in your packs. This is fourteen SCHOOL days, so should last you three weeks. You could get those lessons done. In addition, or alternatively, I set you these tasks: diary writing, Happy Duckling story, mapping your garden, Stop Start animation, Great Sutton Bake Off and Life Skills. If you’re at a loose end and want something to do, then that should give you plenty to choose from. If you can’t  remember what these tasks were, exactly, scroll through the class pages to remind yourself.

But, it IS the holidays. So, if you’re feeling creative, how about making Chocolate Easter Nests, Easter cards, or an Easter Garden on a plate! With parental support, use Mr Google for ideas!

If you fancy a trip out...not allowed...why not make a virtual visit? Online, you can take a tour round Buckingham, Palace, The Natural History Museum, Chester Zoo and many other places of interest!

I’m going to be working hard at home, together, virtually, with the other staff, to make sure that on our return to school, our curriculum is even better and more exciting than before with lots of great experiences for you all. I’m also going to be giving you all a quick phone call in the next few days, to make sure you’re okay and so that we can talk about anything that might be worrying you. I’m looking forward Tohearing what you’ve all been up to and how you’re keeping busy.

It IS the holidays this week and next, so I won’t be writing every day, but if you have any worries or anything exciting that you want to share with me, please email and I will respond.

Have a very Happy Easter. Love from Mrs Garfoot. X

Hello everybody,

thank you so much for all the lovely pictures and super work you have been busily sending in. I’m so pleased that so many of you are keeping busy, and I’m keeping a record of your team points.

I have to keep reminding myself what day it is, do you? Well, it is FRIDAY! As the weekend is coming up, I don’t expect you to do school work....unless of course, you want to, and I’m going to try to get some garden jobs done. As it will be the weekend, I won’t be writing to you on this page until Monday, but if there is anything you are worried about or can’t wait to share with me, please use the email address and I promise I’ll get back to you.

Stay busy, and remember, be good!  Love from Mrs Garfoot.x


I just wanted to say thank you for all your emails and photos that we keep receiving. It makes me smile and cheers me up to see how hard you are all working. Take care and stay safe, Miss Bell smiley

Some of your fantastic work that we have been receiving.

Hi there H, wow, you’ve been busy today! Your work is amazing and I have added on your team points.

Hope you’ve had a good day. I think it’s going to be sunny this weekend, so you might get out in the garden. Qu’est animeaux a tu? J’ai un chien eg une chat. What have I got?

talk again soon, love from Mrs Garfoot.


Thursday 2nd April

Morning all!

Ive been having a look on Ed Shed and TTRockstars......come on you Lazybones’ ! You know who you are! I really don’t expect you to log on to these every day, but.....really? We can’t let the basics slip away, kids. Even 5 minutes on each?

Nag over!

Today...I expect you have jobs started but not finished. You could do some finishing off....getting even one job done can feel really good. 

Now’s about A Great Sutton Bake Off? I can give you some ideas, but of course this will depend on what you have available to use so please don’t whinge if you can’t make your first choice!

Recipes I often use are on the BBC Food website, or you might have cook books at home, so get researching!

Have a rummage in the cupboards to see what there is, first, but don’t use the last egg or last bit of sugar or butter without asking first!

Suggestions...Victoria sandwich ( it’s not a sandwich, it’s a cake), fat Free sponge (you don’t use it in the bath),shortbread, scones (fruity, plain,cheese or invent your own version),or go savoury and try potato cakes or loaded jacket potatoes, ....that’s also a life skill ticked...make a simple lunch.

You might need adult help with this, but YOU must do the clearing up! Ooh...another life skill ticked!

If you are able, upload pictures of your creations and Ill ask Miss Bell to put them in a Pic collage. If you can’t up load them, scoff them and get your folk to write a review! Result...someone else gets to write!

Try to have a great day, and I’ll write again soon. Love from Mrs Garfoot.


H, that is correct. Well done! X
Wednesday, 1st April

Good morning everybody. I hope you are all okay and keeping yourselves busy.

H, I got your work, thank you! Great to see you’re keeping so busy! 3 team points for your three pieces of work! I marked your comprehension and you did really well. Just have another look st question 3. What was it about HOW the witch looked that made the narrator leave? I’m pleased that you are obviously checking your success criteria and remembering to use all the punctuation you have been taught. Don’t forget, everybody, to use your grammar mats to help improve your writing.


What are you all planning to do today? Work from the timetable? Try one of the tasks? Ed shed or TT Rockstars? How did you like the duckling video on Literacy Shed?

Hey...who fancies trying to make a stop start animation, using toys, Lego or other things you have around the house? If you can’t do this because of technological problems, how about writing a play script or just verbally making one up, and put on a show for your family? You could use a plain towel or pillow case as a backdrop and roll out those soft toys!

Have fun, stay safe and why not try to tick off a Life Skill today?

Love from Mrs Garfoot.

Extra Activities linked to CGP reading comprehensions.

*What genre is the text? Explain how you know in as much detail as you are able.

*Re-write the text in a different genre. Eg.if it is a news report, write it as a short story. If it is a non chronological report, re-write it as a set of diary entries.

*Design a front cover for the book your text may have come from.

*Review the text. Did you enjoy it? Explain why. Would you recommend it? Explain your reasoning. 

*Select three words from the text, which you like. Write a sentence for each word

Hello, parents/Carers,

just to clarify: The timetable and work were set when we were anticipating returning to school after Easter. Clearly, the goalposts have moved since then and to maintain everyone’s sanity and more to the point, well being, I have gradually made the expectations more fluid and open ended. So,

*if it suits you and your child/ren to keep the structure of the timetable for the first three weeks, as planned, then that’s fine. Some children find the structured approach comforting.

*if your child is struggling to meet the challenge of the structured home learning, then the tasks I am setting may suit them better.

*at times, the children may wish to dip in and out of the structured learning and the tasks I am setting, and this too is fine.

*please do not feel you need to up load every completed piece of work. To do this is time consuming for everyone and impossible for those children who have limited access to the internet. Completed work can be kept learning books and will be read on return to school.

*team points are awarded for completed work, whether this is electronically submitted or kept as a hard copy. I will endeavour to total up each child’s points soon after returning to school.

*the life skills challenges, put on class pages today, are yet another way in which children can. In a practical way, make good use of the time they have at their disposal at the moment. These suggestions are optional and of course, you can alter them to suit the age and ability of your child.


When the fourteen days planning is up, I will be setting the children a cross curricular topic which will be adaptable to their personal interests and will attempt to keep skills fresh. Then, we shall have to see how things are going and attempt to adapt accordingly.

These are unchartered waters and whilst wanting the children to continue with the basics such as calculation practise (abacus, Ed shed etc), reading and spelling, I am mindful of putting them under undue stress.Some  of our children will be experiencing heightened anxiety, social isolation and may, unfortunately have to deal with devastating personal issues in the coming weeks or months.Parents have their own challenges to deal with, as do educators and we can all, only do our best. So, please be kind to yourselves, try not to worry and this will all eventually come to an end, and we can then move forward together. Kind regards, Mrs Garfoot.


Good afternoon, A and E. A, great work on David Attenborough! I enjoyed reading it very much.

I loved your song, E, well done! We all DO need someone to lean on at the moment, don’t we? Team points for you both. Keep up the good work! Talk soon, love from Mrs Garfoot.

Dear Parents / Carers,

hope things are going well. 

I’m trying to put tasks onto the class page daily. These are alternatives to the planned learning, and not additional...I have no wish to overwhelm you or the children. I’m going to list ten Life Skills now, which you could encourage your child/ren to master during this strange time. Some will need adult intervention and or supervision to begin with and some children may be able to do these anyway, so if this is the case,you could set your own.

If you want to and are able to send photos of some of your child’s work, lovely, but if not,please don’t worry, just put finished work into their book or cardboard wallet ready for their return to school. If it is not practical to store till....whenever, just make a little note of their accomplishments in the back of their learning book as this will make their efforts feel even more valued.

Please feel free to email with any worries or queries and I will respond ASAP. Best wishes, Mrs Garfoot.

1. Make a sandwich. This includes preparing the filling, boiling, shelling and mixing egg, grating cheese etc. CARE with boiling water, use of grater, CAREFUL supervision and ABILITY appropriateness.

2.Prepare a simple meal for the family. Maybe jacket potatoes,fish fingers and chips, CARE hot oven, how to use oven gloves or oven cloth. Rehearse use, with cold trays first.

3.Strip and re-make a bed, including changing the duvet.

4.Load and start up the washing machine.

5.Hang out the washing...use pegs...don’t laugh, I’m going on personal experience here!

6.Load and unload the dishwasher, or wash and dry dishes.

7.Hoover up.

8.Fasten laces on trainers or shoes

9.make a cup of tea or coffee. CAREFUL supervision with kettle

10.Put the shopping away. Fridge safety...raw meat/ fish on a plate at bottom of fridge away from cooked food etc.

Tuesday 31 st March.

Good morning everybody.

Who fancies some mapping whilst the sun is shining? Grab a piece of scrap paper and something to write with. If you have a safe garden, get outside and draw a plan view ( a birds eye view)sketch of the outside boundary of your garden. Now add on sheds, greenhouse, patio and any other fixed structures.

Don’t include footballs etc which can be easily moved, but hutches etc are fine. Now ask an adult or sibling to help you to measure the sides of the structures ( be very careful near glass), and the perimeter of the garden and mark the lengths on your plan.

Now get inside and grab your maths book. Choose a suitable scale depending on the size of your garden and draw the perimeter of the garden. If the drawing looks tiny, change the scale. If you can’t get it on the page, change the scale. You may ask an adult to help if you wish.

Next, keeping to the scale, draw on the structures you sketched. Label with the actual lengths. Write what scale you used, for example, 1square =1metre. Now you have a plan of your garden!

If you’re enjoying yourself and feel creative, copy the perimeter only, of your garden onto a new page and imagine you are designing this space JUST For You!

What would you put in?  No expense spared! Fishing pond? Paddling pool? Football nets and a mimi pitch? Vegetable plots? It’s up to you. Use colour to enhance your work, (prefrerably not felt tips as they will go through your paper). 

This task can either be as well as time-tabled learning, and yesterday’s task, or instead of. You might fancy doing this, but not today and that’ okay too.

please try just to read daily, go on Ed shed spelling and to rockstars and keep yourself busy. Be kind and try to be really good. Talk again soon, love from Mrs Garfoot.

Monday 30 th March

Hi A and I ! You’ve both been busy! Well done. Please don’t slog away all day...pick and choose your tasks and try to get in your Joe Wickes, or similar. A, three points for finishing the comprehensions. Well done! I, three points for the pillars of Islam! Great job!

Talk soon. Love, Mrs Garfoot.

Monday 30th March.

Dear parents/ Carers, hope everything is going well so far. 

There are one or two things I feel I should clarify as I don’t want to add to your load at this time.

The learning pack should have come with a suggested timetable. The timings are suggested, and by no means mandatory. They are intended to give a little structure but please don’t feel you have to stick rigidly to them. Talking to my own family, it is clear that some children are keen to get on with work and others are struggling to get or stay, motivated. Please feel free to go with the flow.

i added a new task today which some children may have found more interesting so if your child wanted to get started on that, that’s great, but I don’t ever expect them to sit for hours each day.

If you are unable to email work, please don’t worry. I can assure you that I will look at each workbook carefully on our return to school, and team points will be awarded. I am keeping a team point record for children who have submitted work, as a motivation, so everyone will have the opportunity to earn points. Please don’t feel you have to email all your child’s work. You have enough  to do.  A favourite piece or little message about how they are getting on, once a week will be fine.

As time goes by, I may set the children a project, which can be personalised to their own interests which will be open ended, to relieve pressure on them, and you. Difficult times. Please concentrate on staying well and hopefully this horrible situation will soon be resolved.

My very best wishes to you all, Mrs Garfoot.


hi, I, what a great mask! You are SO creative! Team point!

have a look at this weeks task...I think you’ll love it! You have to read the last bit first, but I think mum will be able to help you make sense of it! 

Keep smiling and I’ll write again soon. Love, Mrs Garfoot.

Monday 30th March

Challenge 4 continued.

Sorry, don’t know what went wrong there!

Choose one scene which you could make, in which you can show different moving parts. It can be part of your narrative, or a stand alone task.

Have lots of fun! I’d love to see your creations!

Be good, stay safe.   Love from Mrs Garfoot.

Good morning everybody.

if you’re  feeling a bit fed up, I have a great idea for your home learning today! You can do it as a literacy/art/dot/ict task, either alongside your existing learning pack or instead of, depending on the challenge level and how long it takes you to complete. 

First, log on to Literacy Shed, Great Animations, and select The Happy Duckling. Watch the video.

Challenge 1. Re-tell the story as a written narrative.

Challenge 2. Re-tell the story in picture book form or graphic novel. Remember to use speech bubbles and captions. I want to see exclamation and question marks as well as CAPITALS FOR NAMES.

Challenge 3. Two parts. First, as Challenge 2 but using card, (scrap from cereal packets, old birthday cards etc will be fine) make some stick puppets to accompany your story. Make some backdrops from anything you have. Again, clean card from food packaging, or plain paper if you have it will do. Be creative. Perform your play for your family.

Challenge 4. As Challenge 2. Then research how to make moving pictures and have a go at making your own

moving pictures. Look carefully at the different types of moving scenery in the video. Choose one scene

Hi, I, great job with the word processing! Thank you for persevering with your work. Another team point for your efforts. Have a lovely weekend, chick. Love from Mrs Garfoot

Wow, H! You’ve been busy! What great work! Super maths, brilliant competition....I think I know the answer...could really do with a cruise! I loved your sci fi story. Well written. I’m so proud of all you’ve been doing. You mustn’t worry if mum and dad don’t email your work straight away; I’m sure they are extremely busy at the moment. 3 team points, one for each piece of work.

Have a good weekend and I’ll write again soon. Love, Mrs Garfoot


TO ALL CLASS 3.    work completed and in your books will earn team points on return to school so don’t worry if you are not able to email everything in. X


Hi, P, what a lovely thing to do for Mary! I bet your beautiful picture really cheered her up. I’m pleased to hear you are keeping up with your reading and have a little reading partner. Another Team Point, for your thoughtful deed.

Hello, I, what a great story! Greedy Koala! You did a great job with your speech punctuation and excellent use of vocabulary...I’m very impressed!  Team point for you too, on my special list.

Thank you both for sending your work. I look forward to reading more. 

I’m missing all of you, too, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we can be together again.

Be kind to everybody, and keep trying hard to be extra good. 

Love from Mrs Garfoot.

morning everybody,

well, today brings an end to your first week of Home Learning. I hope it is going well so far. Keeping up with a schedule is really difficult, I know, and I don’t expect all of you will have completed all of your first weeks’s work, and that’s okay.

if you find it really difficult to keep motivated, at least try to do some reading each day, and have a rummage through your learning pack to see if anything appeals to you. It really doesn’t matter if you do things out of order.

From Monday, I’m going to take a bit of a different approach. You all love literacy shed videos, so I’ll give you one a day to watch, they’re mostly short and entertaining, and I’ll ask you for comments about the films. You can record your responses in your Home Learning book. Remember, responses are your opinions so can never be wrong! You might want to discuss them with parents or siblings. I’ve other things up my sleeve for maths and science so watch this space! Have a good weekend! Be good! Love from Mrs Garfoot.


Hi, P, thank you for showing me the great maths you did yesterday. You are amazing!

I’m glad you are enjoying the sunshine and are able to get out into the garden with your sister.

It’s lovely that mum is finding different things for you to do but although it is important to try to do some learning, the most important thing is that you all keep well and have some fun. 

Keep sending me pictures of your learning! Team point on my special list!  Love, Mrs Garfoot.

Pe,B,T, are you having any difficulty getting onto Ed Shed? If you are, email and I will get it sorted for you asap. Mrs G

Thursday 26th March

Happy Thursday everybody!

How did you get on with your stories yesterday? I'm looking forward to reading them. Today, try to get them finished, but if you need to, it's okay to carry on tomorrow. If you do finish, don't forget to check your work against your non-negotiables and remember, it's especially great to try to use the year above's objectives too!

Today, have a session on Ed Shed. Practise spellings then go on the maths shed. The Y4 X tables practise tests are on there too so come on Y5 and 6, see if you make the grade!

What are you all reading? If you have a sibling at home, why not read to, or hear them read too? If you finish a book, why not write a review in your planner?

Take care and I'll write to you again soon. DONT FORGET THOSE EMAILS!

Wednesday, 25th March

Morning, everyone! Hope you're all well and ready for some home learning today?

Those of you who have designed your World Cruise competition, don't forget to ask an adult to help you to email it across to either myself or Miss Bell on our school email addresses and we will upload it to the Class Pages so your friends can see your work.

If you can't email work to us, don't worry; pop it into your Home Learning book and we'll have a look when we return to school.

Today, I'd like you to begin to write a science fiction narrative. It can be about space, robots, time-travelling or anything else which has a science theme. Try to use topical vocabulary and include some dialogue to add extra interest. You can either hand write it, word-process it (you can use spell-check), or present it as a graphic novel if you're feeling artistic!

Don't worry if you don't get it finished today-our timings are flexible at the moment,but try to remember your non-negotiables.

Here they are to remind you:

Y4: capital letters, full-stops, question and exclamation marks, paragraphs, fronted adverbials

Y5: all above plus:commas to mark clauses and after fronted adverbials, brackets for parenthesis

Y6: all above plus:pairs of dashes or commas for parenthesis, varied sentence structure,passive voice

If you're not sure of any of these, look on your Grammar Mat, A3 copied sheet in your pack.

If you need inspiration, have a look on The Literacy Shed, (The Sci-Fi Shed).

Bye for now, Mrs Garfoot.


Don't forget, you can email me with any questions, and please send me pictures of your home learning.

Good Morning everyone. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Harry!

Whose Big Day is next!

Well, things are changing all the time arent they.Its getting trickier to get out and about but try to fill your days and time will pass better. I am thinking of you all.

You are all making history so this could be the time to start a diary or journal. Its a way of recording events in a historical sense, but would also be a bit of a outlet for your thoughts and feelings. Why not present some days as a graphic novel

Try to do a bit of your learning pack. You can now get on TT Rockstars...why not challenge your parents

There are some great free audio books on the class pages...have a look. Peruse the websites Ive put on and finally see if you can spot all the punctuation mistakes I've made today

Bye for now,

Mrs Garfoot

GOOD NEWS! TTROCKSTARS is now up and running! log in and off you go!

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day weekend.

I expect you've been busy with your learning packs...ahem....don't work TOO hard!

​​​​​​​I will be adding extra bits onto the class pages to keep you busy, so keep checking in, please. If you've not already done so, there are some really fun ideas on the WOW Science site, so have a look.


Remember, you can ask parents to mark your maths for you or check your own with a calculator.

Try to keep busy, and get a little exercise. Joe Wicks has some fun workout ideas on the website.Be good, and remember that these are strange times for adults too, so make a big effort to be extra good.


               Bye for now, Mrs Garfoot.

Class 3

This term Class 3 will be learning about our local history and geography. 

History - local history, including the Pilgrim Father's and their journeys

Science - electricity

Geography - local studies, field trips (West Burton Power Station, Scrooby and Babworth)

RE - Christianity

Art - Portraits, artists

Music - Charanga music program



Our plans for the coming year.


Still image for this video

EDF Energy workshop, making circuits and using robots.

Still image for this video

EDF Energy workshop, making circuits and using robots.

Still image for this video

EDF Energy workshop, making circuits and using robots.

Still image for this video

EDF Energy workshop, making circuits and using robots.

Recreating the pilgrims deciding where to build their homes.

Still image for this video

Recreating the pilgrims deciding where to build their homes.

Still image for this video

Recreating the pilgrims deciding where to build their homes.

Still image for this video

Recreating the pilgrims deciding where to build their homes.

Still image for this video

Class 3 reading partners

Our musical instruments

Still image for this video

Our musical instruments

Still image for this video

Our musical instruments

Still image for this video

Our musical instruments

Still image for this video

We made musical instruments to learn more about pitch and volume.

Our musical instruments

Still image for this video

We enjoyed making our own versions of The Mayflower and testing them to see if they would float.

We made maths games for part of our homework, we enjoyed trying them out.

Class 3 Mini Medics

Still image for this video

Some of Class 3 had fun taking part in a multi skills event.

Class 3 visited Bassetlaw Museum, Babworth Church and Scrooby Church to find out more about the Pilgrim Fathers.

Our homework this week was to design our own torch using an electrical circuit. Today we used our designs to create them.

Still image for this video

Our homework this week was to design our own torch using an electrical circuit. Today we used our designs to create them.

Class 3 enjoyed their first Pop Lacrosse lesson today.

We had lots of fun making circuits.

LifeSpace PSHE Session

Archery Taster Session

Sports Hall Athletics at the Elizabethan Academy. We came third!

Visit to Bassetlaw Museum and Chesterfield Canal walk