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Our Learning This Week

Hello everyone!

On this page you will find an overview of what we are learning this week and videos you can watch to support learning at home. 


There are some things that we ask you do as often as possible:

  • Read everyday - whether this is your school book or one from home. Reading is so important!
  • Write your full name.
  • Sing the alphabet song and (if possible) look at and say the sounds.
  • Year 1; practise your spellings every day (even better if you practise your beautiful, joined up writing whilst you do it)
  • If possible get some fresh air and have a run around the garden. If you can't go outside do some star jumps in your living room!
  • Be kind to your adults, brothers, sisters or whoever else you are with. Make sure you say at least one nice thing a day!
  • Play, play, play!


Early Years education is all about play! Join in with your child and be a good role-model by following their interests and playing with them. 


You can keep in touch with us with any questions, comments and/or photos  on our class email: 

Summer 2 2022

Week 1: Your First Day at Circus School by Tara Lazar

Our book focus for Week 1 (w/b 7th Junel) is Your First Day at Circus School. Listen along here...

Week 2 & 3: If I Ran the Circus by Dr Seuss

Our book focus for Week 2 & 3 (w/b 13th June - 20th June) is If I Ran the Circus. Listen along here...

Week 4 & 5: The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson

Our book focus for Week 4 & 5 (w/b 27th June - 4th July) is The Singing Mermaid. Listen along here...

Week 6 & 7: Wolf Won't Bite! By Emily Gravett

Our book focus for Week 6 & 7 (w/b 11th July - 18th July) is Wolf Won't Bite. Listen along here...

Phonics Sounds this week:


Phonics games and personalised planning can be accessed via the link below. If you have lost your personalised username and password let us know and we can send it on.  


Year 1 children now have access to TT Rockstars. You can use this app to practise your timetables; it will recognise which times tables you are confident with and the ones you might need some extra practise on. It is lots of fun and very popular with our children. Please let us know via the class email if you need a login and password. 

Generalised Learning Opportunities