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Welcome to Seussland!

Welcome To SeussLand!


Our Bright Sparks topic has helped us to learn all about how we are special and unique! All of the children in Class 1 have really enjoyed learning about the world around us, and especially the area around our school and the houses people live in. 

We learnt all about our bodies and our senses and how they allow us to experience the world! We put our senses to the test to see if we could guess the object by feeling, smelling, listening, looking and sometimes even tasting it! 

We especially loved using the Dr Seuss books in Literacy, we focused on three books throughout the weeks: Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax. We have had a focus on rhyme this term, and have been practising finding and thinking of rhyming couplets, some of us even had a go at writing some poetry! Come into our Classroom this Autumn term to see the wonderful work we have done on our Bright Sparks wall!