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People Who Help Us...

First, we thought about the people who help us in school. We thought of our own questions to ask all the different people in school to find out about their jobs and how they help us. Have a look at our photographs of us on our learning walk around the school! 
Next, we learnt about the Police Force. We wanted to get a real idea of some of the roles of Police Officers so we made ourselves into them! We wore badges and had reflective jackets. Our job was to help find our friend, Ellie the Monkey, as she had gone missing. We had to follow all her clues until we found her! Have a look at our investigation photos!
Thank you very much to PCSO Aaron Stocks and PCSO Dave Airey for visiting our class. We learnt so much about your job and how the Police help people! We enjoyed trying on your reflective jackets and hats! 
Then we learnt all about the people who help us in Hospitals! First we had a visit from Mrs. Sanderson who is a paramedic, she brought in all her equipment and we had lots of fun looking at what it does! We also really enjoyed looking at the ambulance car, the sirens were very loud!
We also had a visit from the School Nurses, they explained how they help to keep us healthy. We all had a turn at pretending to be the Nurses and using all their special equipment that helps them to check our height, weight, sight and hearing!
Our next visit was from the local Fire Fighters! We really enjoyed listening to the Redwatch team, from Retford Fire Station, tell us about how they help us and showing us their special uniform for when they do have to go near a fire. Our favourite part of the visit was going to see their Fire Engine! We looked at all the special equipment stored on the vehicle and we all got to sit inside the Fire Engine! We were even allowed to have a go at spraying the hose!
Below are just a few of the photographs from our topic of People Who Help Us, to see more come into our classroom and see our brand new display!
Using the hose was fun!
The helmet'sbright so it can be seen through smoke
The helmet was very heavy!
A fire fighters glove!
Then we checked our sight!
Next we checked our hearing.
This piece of equipment helps us check our height.
Looking at the equipment in the Ambulance!
A fab Police car Team 1!
Team 1's Police Car!
A big thank you to the PCSOs from everyone
Helicopters can help Police see people in the dark
Our Police car is coming along!
We are working in teams to build a Police car.
The first clue...
Here is one of the clues that we found.
We are on to something!
Finding clues is exciting!
Reflective vests were given to hard workers!
We were excited to find the next clue!
We worked well as a team!
We found the clue in the hall!
Clue 7! The final clue...
We found Ellie trying to climb the tree!
Here is our group Police photo!
We had lots of questions for Miss Lacey
Mrs Greenwood in her (temporary) office
We spoke to Mrs Garfoot about being a teacher
We visited Mrs Goodman in the kitchen