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Traditional Tales Trip to Perlethorpe!

We had so much fun on our visit to Perlethorpe! We were super at being adventurers and finding out abut our favourite Traditional Tales! 

First we went on a hunt for the Three Little Pigs, we had to watch out for the Big, Bad Wolf though! We found all the different houses, and even helped blow some of them down! 
Next we came to a bridge where the Troll lived! We saw the footprints of the Three Billy Goats Gruff who had already crossed, and then we had to creep across the bridge quietly. Apparently the Troll's favourite food is four, five and six year olds! Once we crossed the bridge we found the most beautiful palace. The Palace actually belonged to the Princess Cinderella! We even got an invitation to her party!

Finally, we thought about the story of Hansel and Gretel. We saw the Witches house in the distance and we saw her hat, cat and broom stick on the way into the woods! We had to make potions quickly to keep her away and help save Hansel and Gretel! We also went on a blindfolded walk, and found out how they would've felt like to not know where we are going!

We had an absolutely fantastic day at Perlethorpe! We learnt so much and worked so well as a whole group! We look forward to going again in the future!
Learning how to make potions!
Spreading our potion around the woods!
The witches woods!
We had to work as a team to know where to go.
We found out how Hansel and Gretel felt
Cinderella liked our dancing!
Showing Cinderella our dancing.
Walking quietly over the trolls bridge!
One of the clues!
The wolf got his bottom burnt!
he Big Bad Wolf and one of the Three Little Pigs!
Taking a bow.
Some of the actors from the Three Little Pigs.
The scary Big, Bad Wolf appeared!
We are all Big, Bad Wolves!
Here's one of the Little Pigs!
The final house was made of bricks!
Oh dear! We blew another house down!
"I'll huff and I'll puff...!"
The second house was made of sticks!
Oh dear, we blew the house down!
"Little Pig, Little Pig let me come in"
The first house is made of...