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Sutton Curriculum Information


The Sutton Curriculum is rooted in giving pupils a rich experience to enable pupils to hook their

knowledge on memorable opportunities and give them an understanding and appreciation of the wider world and the diversities of the world around them.


The curriculum at Sutton provides children with the "Footsteps to their Future"


Curriculum Vision 

To provide rich, stimulating, learning opportunities within a broad and balanced curriculum to develop each child's skills, knowledge and creativity so that they fulfil their potential.
We work in partnership with parents and carers in the learning process for the benefit of each child.
Our environment is where the Christian values of love, respect, justice and forgiveness are upheld, experience and shared.

We encourage every child to be a responsible citizen in the local community and beyond.


We are a small school with BIG ideas!


Curriculum Intent 

We follow the National Curriculum, 2014, alongside the PSHE programme of study developed by the PSHE association and the Religious Education agreed syllabus of Southwell and Nottingham Diocese.  

Further curriculum details can be found in the class sections of the school website giving more detail on the content on the curriculum for each year group please use the following link


We implement our curriculum by enhancing the children's learning opportunities through a range of first hand learning experiences, with the aim of hooking them in the learning.  This provision was developed following the pedagogy of Dave Burgess, 2012 "Teach Like a Pirate".  PIRATE is an acronym for Burgess' teaching philosophy: Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask & analyse, Transformation, and Enthusiasm.    

We have developed our curriculum further with the use of "The Big Question".  This is a metacognition approach which encourages children to refer back to the learning, building their knowledge and applying the skills they have acquired, developing their resilience and independence in their own learning. 

Our impact is fostering in every child a love of learning to equip them for a fulfilling future, aspiration to excellence and mutual celebration of achievements.


Further detail about our school curriculum can be found below.  If you require any more information, please speak to your child's class teacher and/or visit the class pages of the school website.

Sutton Curriculum Policy

Class curriculum documents can be found in the class pages section of the school website.  Paper copies are available from the school office upon request.  

Please see individual subject links below for further details.